My new photography book, “Stunning Digital Photography”

I’ve published my first photography book: “Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography.” It covers absolutely everything you need to know about photography, from basic composition and lighting to advanced topics like night photography, HDR, macro photography, image stacking, and underwater photography.

No other book provides as much detail–I spent two years writing this book, including travelling to nine countries to take the more than 375 pictures. If you get the ebook, you’ll also get access to more than an hour of video training that you can watch directly on your e-reader.

The print book is $20. Until this Friday, March 9, 2012, the Kindle eBook is completely free. You don’t need a Kindle device, because you can run the Kindle app on an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or your Windows or Mac computer. It’s free for now, so go and grab it, and tell everyone you know.

Review of Image Space Media (ISM)

Updated 2/6/2012 after ISM’s merger, which seems to have dramatically changed their pay structure.

Updated 7/1/2011 with information about ISM’s “Photostitial Units”, ads that appear automatically and hide the first image a user sees.

Image Space Media has an interesting idea: overlay images with advertisements that appear only when users hover their cursor over the image. Try it out by hovering your cursor over the larger images on this site. They’re currently calling it beta, so there’s every opportunity they’ll improve over time.

It already seems to work well, though. Hover your cursor over an image (such as my picture of the New York City Skyline at night), and an advertisement rises up from the bottom, covering about one-quarter of the image, as shown here (scaled down to fit this page).

There’s also a sharing icon in the upper-left corner that you can turn off. If the user clicks it, a full-page overlay appears that provides links to sharing on Facebook , Twitter, and e-mail. Several ads appear on the page, too, and it shows you popular and recent images. This picture shows a scaled-down version of the sharing page, however, since I’m currently using ISM on this site, you can experience it for yourself by hovering your cursor over it.

Once you’re hovering, you can click the advertisement or just move your mouse away. Once you move your mouse, the advertisement shrinks back down to one line. You have to reload the page if you want the ad to completely disappear.

Image Space Media ad

It’s smart enough to ignore small images, such as those you might use in menus. Occasionally, the advertisement wasn’t flush with the bottom of the image, but I’m sure they’ll work that problem at.

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Comparison of 7500k and 10k RPM hard drive performance

I just bought a new Dell XPS with 2x700GB 7500 RPM drives (ST3750528AS) in a RAID 0 array, and I moved over my (very expensive) 2x300GB 15,000 RPM RAID 0 array. This seemed like a good time to compare the performance of 7500RPM  and 15kRPM drives.

Now, there is one big factor to consider besides the drive spin speed: The newer 700GB drives are more than twice as big as my older 300GB drives, which means their data is about twice as dense. Therefore, they should be able to read data about twice as quickly, if the RPMs were equal.

First, the older, 15k drives:

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Differences between the 70-562 and 70-515 Training Kits

Hi, Tony.
I have a copy of your 70-562 Self Pace Training Kit book.
What are the differences between 70-515 and 70-562 Self Pace Training kits books?

Heya, Russell.

The 70-515 Training Kit was based on the 70-562 manuscript, so you’ll recognize quite a bit of it. If you’ve already worked through the 70-562 TK, I’d tell you to skip 70-515 and spend a week working with jQuery, LINQ to Entities, Dynamic Data Projects, and every aspect of MVC.

If you haven’t yet read through 70-562, scrap it and use the 70-515 book instead. In addition to adding the topics I just mentioned, Mike and I added quite a bit of content to the previous topics and fixed lots of little nit-picky mistakes that always work themselves into a big complex book like this. Not that there were big problems with the 70-562 Training Kit; it got good reviews. We found minor errors like C# classes with the wrong capitalization, etc–stuff that managed to slip past our reviewers.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Configure Windows Server 2008 R2 as a RADIUS Server

You can configure Windows Server 2008 R2 to authenticate users connecting to a wireless network using WPA-EAP or WPA2-EAP (also known as WPA-Enterprise or WPA2-Enterprise) authentication. This video, created for the second edition of the Microsoft Press 70-642 Training Kit, shows you exactly how to do that.

Watch in 720p, full-screen.

IE9 RC Overview (and Comparison to Chrome)

A new version of Internet Explorer is almost ready–IE9. You can download the IE 9 Release Candidate (RC) for free. The RC is “feature complete”, which means they might change things, and they’ll definitely fix some bugs, but they won’t be adding or removing any features.

Here’s a video overview I recorded showing the various improvements and comparing it to my current favorite browser, Google Chrome.

Be sure to watch the video in HD, full screen.

Connecting three monitors to one computer

A question from a reader:

I hate to bother you but I have been reading on the internet about the multi-screen topics you write about. If you have time to answer my question – I would greatly appreciate it.
I have been assigned what seems to be an impossible project – and given almost nothing as a budget.
My company want me to create a 3 TV set visual in our business.
I see where you write about similar set-ups – I had hoped you can give me some direction.
This is ULTIMATELY what I would like to make happen.
We have a computer that sits there and has little other purpose.
I would like to use this computer to drive 3 modern TV sets (which have perhaps VGA inputs). I see some links you provide to companies that make video splitting devices – but we would need the model that costs almost 2 thousand – which is my entire budget – so this won’t work. Anyway – I am looking for a cheap way to connect 3 TV sets to a computer AND have the computer to run 3 separate programs which will feed these 3 separate TV sets. I may be able to get this down to 2 TV’s – but 3 is the ultimate goal.
What have you seen or read about that is cheap that may be able to do what I need? I really would appreciate any advice you have on the subject.

And my answer:

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