About Tony Northrup

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Welcome to Vista Clues. I created this blog to share what I’ve learned about Windows Vista while writing the Windows Vista Resource Kit. Of course, Windows 7 is out now, and the name of the blog is a bit outdated, but I’m sticking with it and expanding it to include Windows 7. I’m also hiring more writers to help me keep up. So, send in your questions.

I’ve been working with Windows from the earliest versions, and started with Windows Vista before Beta 1. I’m a computer book author and Microsoft MVP. I know that many people struggle with a new operating system. I’ve had more experience with Vista than just about anybody, and I’ve figured out a lot of tricks and fixes. I plan to use this space for consumer content. I do a lot of IT pro and developer work, too, but this site is just for the home user.

More about me:

Tony Northrup is a computer and consumer electronics expert who has authored about thirty books and written thousands of articles about technology. When he’s not on his patio writing, he’s photographing wildlife or traveling. He lives in Connecticut with his girlfriend, Chelsea, her daughter, Madelyn, and three dogs. You can learn more about Tony by visiting his photography portfolio at http://northrupphotography.com, or his stock photography Web site at http://www.northrup.org.