Add screenshot videos to your website

There are many different programs that can capture screenshot videos (known as “screen captures” or “screencaps”), and many different tools that can convert the movies to animated gifs that are easy to show on a website. Here are the two I use (they work with Vista and earlier versions of Windows):

  • HyperCam2. Captures a portion of your screen to an AVI file. Can capture sound (or not). This has a free trial, but it’s $40 to buy, and I haven’t found a free tool that does the job.
  • Microsoft GIF Animator. Converts an AVI file to a animated GIF. This is a free tool.

First, use HyperCam to capture the portion of the window you want to record. Then, open the saved AVI file in Microsoft GIF Animator. Configure it (such as causing it to repeat or removing excess frames), and save the GIF file. Then, put the GIF file on your website like any other file type. I made the animation below (which shows the non-Aero alt-Tab in Vista) using these tools.


Longer movies can be really big (that one is 711KB), but it’s still easier than posting something to YouTube, and it doesn’t require a browser plug-in. Here’s an example of a screen capture showing typing.

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