Always run a command prompt as Administrator


You can run a command prompt or any application as an administrator by right-clicking it and then clicking Run As Administrator. If you always run an app as an administrator, you can usually change a setting to automatically elevate privileges.

You have to follow different steps to always run the command prompt as an administrator:

1. Click Start. Type Command. Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Properties.

2. On the Shortcut tab, click Advanced.

3. Select the Run as administrator checkbox.


4. Click OK twice.

Now, when you launch a command prompt from the Start menu, UAC will prompt you for administrative privileges.

18 Responses to “Always run a command prompt as Administrator”

  1. Rob says:

    Thanks !

  2. what? says:

    there is no “shortcuts” tab when right clicking the command prompt window and going to properties

  3. Sue says:

    I get the run as administrator box but it is in grey so I cannot click on “run as administrator” – how do I get it from grey so I can stop getting the EULA up every time. Thanks

  4. Vince says:

    When I run command prompt as an admin my screen just freezes with a gray tint over everything. The only option I have then is to con-alt-delete and either cancell or bringup the task manager, however there are no addional applications open and I cannot get into command prompt while running as an admin.
    When I run it while not as an admin I get in fine, but I need to run
    fsutil resource setautoreset true C:\
    to clear the windows transaction log.
    Help please.

  5. Neha says:

    Thanks… It was quick n easy…

  6. nick says:

    ok…didnt work im not admin trying to find a way to bypass admin so i can actually use comp

  7. Moonstar says:

    Is this working on Windows 7?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks it was useful!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work… I found it and clicked it, tried opening cmd and the prompt still came up. Might have something to do with the run as admin box in the comparability tab being greyed out.

  10. vintz72 says:

    UAC sucks so much that I can not yet believe Microsoft have commited such an “awesome” feature ! This is madness.
    Long live Unixes…

  11. Repi3 says:

    It works but not 100%, do this and it works for 100%

    start->allprograms->accessories-> richt click -> commandprompt

    in the shortcut tablet -> advanced

    select the Run as administrator checkbox

    and then make a shortcut = start->allprograms->accessories-> richt click -> pin to startmenu

    And now u can always click it and it run n admin mode

    • quirkykitty says:

      Thanks a lot, because I’ve been to several sites and for some reason, there directions didn’t help. Your’s did perfectly without a hitch! I just wanted to do a defrag analysis and figured I’d get a GUI like in XP. NOT!! Thanks again!

  12. viper says:

    how can you do this for windows 7 ultimate edition the run as administrator box is read only and its unticked so i cannot change the setting, how can i bypass this?

  13. mike says:

    Ha I was looking for the shortcut tab for ages – turns out I wasn’t following the instructions – it says command Prompt not cmd guess most were typing in cmd as well

  14. Ninox says:

    thanks, dude! :)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Now if I could script this taht would be cool

  16. Nicholas Dzitars says:

    This is great. i changed it so it will always run as administrator but my problem is im making a virus scanner batch file for my buisness and i need to be able to use the SFC /SCANNOW scan from my batch file. So i would need to be able to change to properties to always run as admin through a batch command. im guessing theres no way but was wondering if anyone had any insight