Burn a Bootable DVD


My server has been randomly freezing ever since I upgraded the memory. So, I wanted to run a memory test. For some reason, my bootable copy of Memtest x86+ wasn’t working… probably because it’s scratched from the awful way I stored it.

Anyway, off I went to burn a new bootable ISO. Vista can burn DVDs, but I don’t know of any way to burn a bootable DVD. Of course, the tool I normally use–Roxio (it was on my Dell when I bought it, with Windows XP)–wouldn’t work in Vista. So, I was off to find a new tool to burn bootable CD/DVD images.

I found three free tools that work with Vista:

  • DeepBurner. The free version works great. This is the one I ended up using.
  • ImgBurn. Another free tool reported to work.
  • Magic ISO Maker. A more robust tool for coverting, editing, and burning CD/DVD image files.

If you prefer a different tool, add a comment to let us know why.

One Response to “Burn a Bootable DVD”

  1. Joe says:

    I used ImgBurn when I needed to create a WAIK disc and a WinPE disc. Worked perfectly. Here’s the write-ups of the two topics: