Bypass User Account Control

click-run-as-administrator.gifYesterday I described how to completely disable User Account Control (UAC). That’s really not a good idea, though, because you lose all the security benefits. If you have an app that doesn’t run correctly in UAC, you can run it with administrative privileges. These types of apps usually won’t work with UAC:

  • Installation routines
  • Development software (including Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005)
  • Apps that communicate with other programs

To run an application without UAC, just right-click the application icon, and then click Run As Administrator. UAC will prompt you to confirm or to enter credentials. To always run a program as administrator, follow these instructions.

7 Responses to “Bypass User Account Control”

  1. senthilraj says:

    we can run a command prompt or any application as an administrator by right-clicking it and then clicking Run As Administrator.Is there any way of doing it programatically,so that the user doesnt do manually everytime..


  2. Tony says:

    Hi, Senthilraj. Re: running a command prompt as an administrator, check this tip: