Having Trouble Finding Those Hidden Control Panel Applets?

Ever have trouble remembering where to find specific Control Panel applets? How about the one for configuring  Windows Defender in Windows 7? Its not on the Start menu. By default its not visible in Control Panel either. There are two ways you can get to those hidden or misplaced applets:

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How to Disable Automatic Window Arrangement in Windows 7 (Video and Steps)

Windows 7 let’s you maximize a window by dragging it to the top of the screen, or size a window to half the screen by dragging it to the left or right side of the screen. I hate it–I already know other ways to do it, and sometimes it resizes windows for me when I want to just move them to the edge of the screen.

Disabling it is easy, if you know where to look. Watch the video above, or follow these steps (after the jump):

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Microsoft Virtual PC vs. Sun VirtualBox

The video above and the article below compare two free virtual machine applications designed for home users: Microsoft Virtual PC and Sun VirtualBox.

What is a Virtual Machine (VM)?

A virtual machine (VM) is a computer that runs inside a window on your host computer. VMs are also great for testing–you can test different operating systems, applications, and configurations without messing up your computer. For example, you could run Windows in a VM on a Linux or Macintosh computer, allowing you to run Windows-only applications. Or, you could test out Linux in a VM on your Windows box without committing to it.

In fact, even if you install spyware, adware, or rootkits in a VM, they won’t infect your host computer. Just shut down the VM, and your computer is as clean as ever. VMs are also a great tool for learning networking, allowing you to connect several different computers when you only have one computer available.

After the jump, my recommendations for home users who want to use VMs:

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To install software you must have Administrator rights



I don’t know if i am in the right forum – but no doubt you will tell me if I am not!

I have just loaded Windows Vista Home Premium from a clean boot but it will not allow me to load software and programs from a CD. I get the error message :-

“To install software you must have Administrator rights. Please log in as Administrator and start the install again.”

I AM the Administrator, I have not changed any settings since loading Vista – in fact I have re-loaded it but get the same message.

I cannot find anywhere that I can log in as Adminstrator.

Have you any ideas please or can you suggest a help site? I tried Microsoft but they want £40 minimum. – Lovely guy Bill Gates!



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Burn a Bootable DVD


My server has been randomly freezing ever since I upgraded the memory. So, I wanted to run a memory test. For some reason, my bootable copy of Memtest x86+ wasn’t working… probably because it’s scratched from the awful way I stored it.

Anyway, off I went to burn a new bootable ISO. Vista can burn DVDs, but I don’t know of any way to burn a bootable DVD. Of course, the tool I normally use–Roxio (it was on my Dell when I bought it, with Windows XP)–wouldn’t work in Vista. So, I was off to find a new tool to burn bootable CD/DVD images.

I found three free tools that work with Vista:

  • DeepBurner. The free version works great. This is the one I ended up using.
  • ImgBurn. Another free tool reported to work.
  • Magic ISO Maker. A more robust tool for coverting, editing, and burning CD/DVD image files.

If you prefer a different tool, add a comment to let us know why.

How to determine which service is using processor time or memory


Your computer is bogged down, so you open Task Manager and check the processes tab. There’s the culprit: Svchost.exe. Svchost.exe represents many different services, however, so it doesn’t really tell you what’s causing the problem.

In Windows Vista, you can easily determ determine which specific service is using resources. Just follow these steps:

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