HP OfficeJet 7410 All-in-One: Not Ready for Vista

Last week, my fax machine died. I decided I’d buy the biggest and fanciest all-in-one fax/scanner/printer/copier that I could find, so I’d never be stranded without some feature. I wanted something that could connect directly to the network, so I could use all the features when I had my laptop disconnected from the docking station.

After reading through many reviews, I decided on the HP OfficeJet 7410 All-in-One. It sounded very cool–through software, I can scan and fax across the network. Staples had it on sale, so I ran to the nearest outlet. I was relieved to see a big cardboard sign on the printer that said, “Ready for Vista!” Sure, Vista was released about five months ago, but not every vendor has released updates for compatibility, so finding Vista compatibility was important.

So, I buy one and hook it up at home. I open up HP’s website to grab the latest drivers, and I see:

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Run a Program that Doesn’t Recognize Vista


Lots of apps check the operating system during installation to make sure the version of Windows is supported. This is designed to prevent the user from installing it in an old version of Windows that doesn’t have the necessary files or features. Sometimes, however, it’ll also block a new version of Windows–such as Windows Vista.

Fortunately, you can configure a program to run in compatibility mode, which causes Windows Vista to lie about the version of Windows. To trick a program (usually a Setup file) into thinking you’ve got Windows XP, follow these steps:

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