Open a .XPS file

XPS files are formatted documents like PDF files, except open source. Windows Vista includes an XPS reader, so you should be able to view it just by double-clicking the file in Explorer.

Unless you have Firefox installed. Then, Windows Vista will try and open it in Firefox, which will prompt you repeatedly asking how to deal with the file.

To view the XPS file, follow these steps:

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Open a Website Without Typing .Com


Like Descapa the mystery Microsoftie, you’re a busy person with an active lifestyle. You don’t have time to type “www.” or “.com”.

In either Internet Explorer or Firefox, just type the name of the website (ie., “Vistaclues” or “Cnn”). Then, press Ctrl+Enter. Your Web browser will add the www. and .com automatically.

If you type a word in the address bar and just press Enter, Internet Explorer will search for the phrase in your default search engine, while Firefox will take you to the website you’re most likely looking for.