Video Error Message


i have a problem with vista media center after a few  weeks running smooth ..sudenly  when  i try to  see a  video gives me a  vdeo error message  …restart the  windows media center  i do that but still the  problem …i can  reinstall vista  again but i want to save  all the time ..any  help please ?


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Using Media Center with Two Displays


New question – after successfully using your steps to set up dual monitors with Windows XP, moving programs and tasks across both screens works fine. Except, when I move Windows Media Center to the secondary monitor it will not allow the cursor to move back to the primary screen. So, when running media center on the secondary monitor, I am restricted to that monitor. Any ideas? Thanks


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Monster announces first Media Center Extender for Vista


Fellow MVP Chris Lanier points out that Monster is the first to announce a Media Center Extender for Vista (well, besides the XBox 360).

I’m disappointed, because I currently have three Windows XP Media Center Extenders spread throughout my house, and I love them. They won’t work with Vista, though, and I don’t want to put an XBox 360 in every room with a TV. Everything from Monster is high-end and thus very expensive, and from the looks of the device, this won’t be any different. I was hoping that another vendor would announce something at CES… They haven’t, which means we won’t be seeing any extenders for quite a while.

Here are more details from CEPro.

Can I record and watch HDTV with a CableCard in Windows Vista Media Center?

No, not yet.

A friend asks me this question every couple of weeks. Like me, he has an HDTV, but he uses Media Center, so he can’t watch HDTV.

Technically, Vista Media Center does support HDTV. However, there’s no hardware for it yet. When it does come out, you’ll only be able to watch HDTV if you buy a new computer with CableCard support. At the current time, there are no plans to provide a way to upgrade existing computers for CableCard, and no plans to allow you to build a custom computer that supports CableCard.

I don’t know of any hacks for CableCards just yet, but you can hack some cable boxes to get unencrypted HDTV (usually just your local channels). Head over to TheGreenButton forums for more information.