Is my Cassette Adapter Analog?


I have a 1998 jaguar with a Harmon Karman (sp) stereo system with cassette and CD player.  I want to use my ipod so I purchased a cassette adapter.  It works great but my question is…my Ipod id digital music, is it still digital playing through my speakers with the cassette adapter?

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How to Disable the Tablet PC Input Panel

I tested a Wacom tablet on my computer a few months back, which prompted Windows Vista to automatically install the Tablet PC components. I got rid of the Wacom tablet after discovering that I’m better at using a mouse then a pen (a fact I should have realized after seeing my handwriting).

The Tablet PC Input Panel didn’t go away, though. It’s the panel that slides out from the left side of the screen to allow you to use handwriting to enter text.

Tablet PC Input Panel

To disable it, follow these steps:

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Prevent Hibernation when Closing the Case on a MacBook


I read one of your postings about running a second monitor with a laptop.

I have a MacBook running OSX and Windows XP. The Mac side has provisions for closing the case completely while connected to an external keyboard and mouse. If I close it while running Windows, the monitor is prompted to hibernate. How can I change this?


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How to Enable or Disable Hibernation

Hibernation copies your computer’s memory to the hard disk so that the computer can turn off without shutting down completely. After you’ve put your computer into hibernation, starting it back up only takes a few seconds while it reads the contents of memory from the hard disk.

Hibernation is VERY useful. Unfortunately, it consumes disk space equal to the memory in your computer. I have 2GB of memory in my laptop, so keeping a hibernation file uses up 2GB of valuable disk space. Because of this, many people choose to turn hibernation off.

Here’s the catch: Windows Vista doesn’t provide a user interface for turning hibernation back on after you’ve turned it off (wha…?). Fellow MVP Alun Jones discovered this and found the solution: an administrative command prompt. These are documented in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 920730, How to Disable and Renable Hibernation on a Computer that is Running Windows Vista. Here are some easier instructions, though:

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