Having Trouble Finding Those Hidden Control Panel Applets?

Ever have trouble remembering where to find specific Control Panel applets? How about the one for configuring  Windows Defender in Windows 7? Its not on the Start menu. By default its not visible in Control Panel either. There are two ways you can get to those hidden or misplaced applets:

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How to Disable Automatic Window Arrangement in Windows 7 (Video and Steps)

Windows 7 let’s you maximize a window by dragging it to the top of the screen, or size a window to half the screen by dragging it to the left or right side of the screen. I hate it–I already know other ways to do it, and sometimes it resizes windows for me when I want to just move them to the edge of the screen.

Disabling it is easy, if you know where to look. Watch the video above, or follow these steps (after the jump):

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20 Photoshop Tips

Photoshop is a vast and unconquerable software, even to someone like me who uses computers for a living. The best you can hope is to pick it up one tip at a time, becoming more and more efficient. I found these tips very useful, especially the keyboard shortcuts for adjusting brush size and hardness: use the square brackets–[]–to adjust size, and hold down the shift key when pressing the brackets to adjust the hardness.

Keyboard Shortcut for Volume Mixer


Hey VistaClues.

I am looking for some way to make a keyboard shortcut for the volume control (Volume Mixer) so I can have fewer taskbar icons, but still have easy acces to the various things.

I’m also looking for a volume control tool, for the side bar menu.

In other words, a gadget that can control the master volume on the speakers (and microphone if possible).

Can you help me with the one, the other or both problems?

Thanks for all the help from your site.


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Index logs (or any other type of file)

When people ask me what I like most about Vista, my immediate answer is searching. Sure, you can get desktop search from Microsoft or Google for Windows XP, but it’s just not the same. In Windows Vista, search is integrated into the Start menu, every Explorer window, and even the Control Panel. I find that I use it constantly now, especially from the Start menu.

Search will index most common file types (based on their file extension), but it might not index all file types that are important to you. For example, it doesn’t index .log files, like those generated by Mirc. It does index .XML log files, like those generated by Windows Live Messenger.

To index .LOG files or any other type of file, follow these steps:

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Open a Website Without Typing .Com


Like Descapa the mystery Microsoftie, you’re a busy person with an active lifestyle. You don’t have time to type “www.” or “.com”.

In either Internet Explorer or Firefox, just type the name of the website (ie., “Vistaclues” or “Cnn”). Then, press Ctrl+Enter. Your Web browser will add the www. and .com automatically.

If you type a word in the address bar and just press Enter, Internet Explorer will search for the phrase in your default search engine, while Firefox will take you to the website you’re most likely looking for.

How to Perform Complex Searches in Windows Vista

I love that search box in the upper-right corner of Explorer windows (you know, Documents, Pictures, etc). Of course, you can type in it to find files by their name or contents, but you can also search by date or several other criteria using Advanced Query Search (AQS).

Let’s say I want to find pictures taken on New Year’s Eve, 2006. I’ll type date:december31, 2006 and press Enter. Windows Vista immediately shows all my files modified on that date.

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