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Differences between the 70-562 and 70-515 Training Kits

Hi, Tony.
I have a copy of your 70-562 Self Pace Training Kit book.
What are the differences between 70-515 and 70-562 Self Pace Training kits books?

Heya, Russell.

The 70-515 Training Kit was based on the 70-562 manuscript, so you’ll recognize quite a bit of it. If you’ve already worked through the 70-562 TK, I’d tell you to skip 70-515 and spend a week working with jQuery, LINQ to Entities, Dynamic Data Projects, and every aspect of MVC.

If you haven’t yet read through 70-562, scrap it and use the 70-515 book instead. In addition to adding the topics I just mentioned, Mike and I added quite a bit of content to the previous topics and fixed lots of little nit-picky mistakes that always work themselves into a big complex book like this. Not that there were big problems with the 70-562 Training Kit; it got good reviews. We found minor errors like C# classes with the wrong capitalization, etc–stuff that managed to slip past our reviewers.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Connecting three monitors to one computer

A question from a reader:

I hate to bother you but I have been reading on the internet about the multi-screen topics you write about. If you have time to answer my question – I would greatly appreciate it.
I have been assigned what seems to be an impossible project – and given almost nothing as a budget.
My company want me to create a 3 TV set visual in our business.
I see where you write about similar set-ups – I had hoped you can give me some direction.
This is ULTIMATELY what I would like to make happen.
We have a computer that sits there and has little other purpose.
I would like to use this computer to drive 3 modern TV sets (which have perhaps VGA inputs). I see some links you provide to companies that make video splitting devices – but we would need the model that costs almost 2 thousand – which is my entire budget – so this won’t work. Anyway – I am looking for a cheap way to connect 3 TV sets to a computer AND have the computer to run 3 separate programs which will feed these 3 separate TV sets. I may be able to get this down to 2 TV’s – but 3 is the ultimate goal.
What have you seen or read about that is cheap that may be able to do what I need? I really would appreciate any advice you have on the subject.

And my answer:


Can I Delete Temporary Internet Files?

A question from a reader:

After reading your superb article on restoring your computer’s performance, I was
only wishing that you were in Sydney Australia rather than in the US. If you were running courses, I would be the first to enroll.

Whilst it may seem impertitent on my part, I was hoping you would not mind answering one question please.

When attempting to free up wasted space, can the ‘Temporary Internet files’ as well as the ‘Temporary files’ be cleaned out to speed up the start up of my Laptop. As you can tell, I am rather new at this.


How to Measure the Performance of Personal Firewalls

A question from a reader:


I am currently a student at Liverpool John Moores University in BEng Computer and Control engineering and I have got a project to do.

The title of the project is “Performance of firewalls”, the goal is to compare the performance of different personal firewalls. I have already done a theoretical study thanks to your web page on firewalls and others books.

Now I’m faced with several problems for the practical test, because I do not know really how I can test the performances of different personal firewalls, how I can launch threats against the firewall to see his reaction, I wanted to know if you are able to guide me for carrying on my project, or when you can point me to people that could help me.

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Question about 70-515 Training Kit

I got this question from a reader:

I am studying for exam 70-515 using your excellent book and training kit. I just found what appears to be an error or maybe I didnt understand the wording used at page 87 where it says:
“ASP.NET calls the method you specify when it determines whether to use the cached version of the page. Depending on how you set the HttpValidationStatus in your handler, ASP.NET will use a cached page or a new, dynamically generated version.”
My question is, if already determined whether to use the cached  version of the page or not then what good is to set the HttpValidationStatus in your handler?

My response (after the jump):


Adding an External Monitor to a Laptop

A question from a reader:

Hi Tony, This is totally random, but I stumbled onto an article you wrote for a Microsoft blog like six years ago about how to run multiple monitors off of a laptop. Are you aware of any easier solutions available since that article came out? I bought this thing below, but it only allows for two monitors to display the same thing, rather than spreading the desktop across three screens (which is what I’d like to do.)

And my reply:


Find and Free Up that “Missing” Disk Space

A reader dropped a comment onto another page with a question that I’ve asked myself many times…

I wonder if you can help with this perhaps related problem. Running Windows Vista, it reports the hard drive has only 58 MB of free space. Adding up the folder sizes as shown in the properties window for each folder in Windows Explorer (including hidden folders), indicates that there are hundreds of GB of unused space.
When the limit is reached and there is no space left, by Windows reporting, no files can be saved.
It seems obvious that Windows’ reporting is faulty, but as it stops the saving of files, it cannot be ignored.
Any solution / suggestions?

Unfortunately, it’s not likely that Windows is simply lieing to you. More likely is that your technique of evaluating the disk space used by each folder is flawed. However, just to make sure Windows isn’t lieing, you can run a checkdisk at an administrative command prompt by following these steps (after the jump):