Computer won’t Start-How to Fix Startup Problems

Computer won’t start? If you’re lucky, it’s just a problem with corrupted system files. Or, maybe you added or removed a hard disk and you need to reconfigure startup settings. Regardless, your first step should be to run Startup Repair. Startup Repair is easy to use and it’ll fix most startup configuration problems. Of course, it can’t fix a busted hard disk… but it’s worth a shot.

To run Startup Repair, follow these steps:

1. Restart the computer from the Windows Vista DVD (the computer must be configured to start from CD/DVD), and start setup.

2. When prompted, click Repair your computer.


3. Startup Repair will automatically detect a problem. When prompted, click Repair and restart, and then restart your computer from the Windows Vista DVD. If Startup Repair does not automatically detect a problem, continue to the next step.
4. When prompted, click Repair Your Computer.

5. Click Startup Repair from the System Recovery Options.


Startup Repair will try to find any corrupted files or startup misconfigurations. When prompted, remove the Windows Vista DVD and restart your computer normally.

If Windows still won’t start, or if Startup Repair doesn’t find your hard disk, troubleshoot the problem as a hardware issue. This can be complicated, but here are some tips:

  • Disconnect any USB devices from your computer.
  • Remove any recently connected hard disks.
  • Unplug the power and other cables from each of your hard disks, and then reconnect them.

If you still can’t start your computer and Windows Vista still fails to see your hard disk, you might have a failed hard disk. It happens, and when it does, it sucks. Hard disks have moving parts, though, so they have a limited lifetime. Hopefully, you’ve got a backup. After replacing your hard disk, follow these instructions to Restore a Complete PC Backup when your computer won’t start. Next time, be sure to backup your files and backup your whole computer.

104 Responses to “Computer won’t Start-How to Fix Startup Problems”

  1. DARE says:

    pls i need more informatin to be sent to me email

  2. Holly says:

    Thanks !! You save me the pain of having to schlep my computer to the repair shop and pay for someone else to reboot my computer.

  3. raj says:

    i bought a brand new labtop yesterday. it was fine. with vista. i may hv opened a usb with some kinda macromedia flash virus. today, my pc cant start. it goes up to the open user page, and when i click that, it goes blank. the only thing i c is a mouse pointer. i can open task manager. when i opened that, it shows a flash and a macromedia thingy running in which i cant stop. if i stop the flash the computer shuts down. i bought compaq, and it dowsnt come wit the drivers. it asked us 2 burn it ourselves. and i haven burn the drivers yet. im scared help me

  4. SpunkyFeller says:

    Thanks for pointing me to startup repair – it did the trick! :-)

  5. Randal says:

    Hi, windows vista won’t start for me, I already tried the start up recovery and it came up with no problems. Windows loads up and is stuck at the Please Wait o loading screen, when I have a disk in the cd-rom it appears as a black screen, I see nothing unless I press alt tab, at that point 2 things show up but I can’t get to them, one of the programs says Windows logon. I’m lost and don’t know what to do, I can only get to safe mode!!
    One more thing every time I scan my computer for viruses AVG free edition says it changed ntoskrnl.exe and thats it.
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

    • marrey says:

      when I start my laptop it boots up ok then it goes back to to the beginning What is wrng it doesnt allow me to have access to the net

  6. Brent says:

    I had a startup repair before.

  7. Ben in a pickle says:


    I think my noton picked up a .sys file as a virus so i deleted it – nxt time i started up vista it wouldn’t start. So i’m guessing its a system file that shouldnt have been touched!

    Tried running system restore, it runs to the end, starts up windons so that the loading screen appears but then the screen goes blank with jst an enlarged curser showing on the screen..

    how do i go abt fixing this? i dont even mind formatting the hdd if it means i get the drive back.

    pls help!

  8. Chris says:

    If you know the .sys file that Norton deleted and if you have another hd with windows installed, you can run your defective drive as a slave, boot off your working drive, then copy the missing file over.

  9. Vicki says:

    My kids each have Compaq laptops with Vista. One kid installed the updates a couple of days ago now computer won’t boot. Says Windows loading then goes blank. Can’t bring up task manager or anything else. Pressed F8 when booting got the system recovery options, tried system restore says there isn’t a point to go back to. Computer is 6 months old so should be something there. My question–I have made the system recovery disks off the other kids computer. Can I use those to restore this computer? And if so, will all files be lost (pictures, music, etc)?

  10. john says:

    startup repair in vista is useless really useless. those mac adds on tv are right on the money….. vista sucks and we are all suckers. saveing my money so i can geta mac that will see the end of my involuntary computer maintenance course that i was forced to take for the last 10 years just so i could have a pc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen. Microsoft has been a Monopoly for so long that they dont care about what people think. Now that Mac is starting to rise, maybe they will start putting out a decent product. I doubt it though. Better to save the extra money for a Mac then to deal with all the head aches associated with Microsoft garbage.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep… Put the PC in the bucket and get a MAC… I don’t know why people put with “servicing a PC” everytime that the need to “work with a PC” arise. They end up working “on the PC”…
        Bye bye Vista la tourista…
        Now that Windows7 is out, I wonder….. Nah…. I’ll go buy another MAC anyway!. har har

    • windows_sucks_ass says:

      I’m so f!@#in’ sick and tired of the shit that microsoft has been putting out… Every next gen operating system they dole out to us is an even bigger piece of crap than its predecessor. I’d personally like to kick Bill & all the other big shareholders @ microshit industry in the nuts

  11. Noel says:

    Tony otr is it “Arse hole” “My Computor wont start up” actually can translate into 2 problems, It starts up and wont access the OS, or alternatively for your greater benefit and delight Wont Start up means it wont switch on via the power button, get your head out of your butt when posting replies. IT propellorheads like you that post replies of no real assistance to others need to change careers

  12. sam says:

    hi im really concerned about mt computer not being able to advance past the Vista loading screen. I never get to the login page, all i get is a black background. i have tried system repair and system restore, but none of my restore points work. there is nothing wrong with my device manager aside from a 6 to 4 adapter yellow triangle. system repair says it cannot repair due to some unidentified problem. im freaking out. any advice would help. thanks.

  13. Mark Mcdonald says:

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium Edition and recently when I restart my computer,I get an error message that reads:”ox8oo106ba failed to start because of a problem,restart your computer or try to start this program manually” or something to that effect what is this and how do I correct this?

  14. JAMES ASS says:

    my computer won’t start damn i need it to start plaese halp

  15. josh from america says:

    The problem is you are trying to use an insecure infrastructure, closed source corporate where the code cat be audited.

    Microsoft by definition will always be riddled with bugs, flaws and security holes. It’s only merit comes from that game manufacturers make games for windows. Aside from that, it represents the last choice that anyone should make for an operating system.

    Armies of bot-nets plague the world, and virus is a term associated with computing soley because of windows.

    • Computer-God says:

      Obviously, you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Computer viruses have been around way before windows and their is no OS that isn’t susceptible to a computer virus. Yes, it is true that Windows has made it easier. Then again if it weren’t for GUI Operating Systems, you probably wouldn’t even know how to use a computer.

  16. Salik says:

    I shut the computer down last night and today it refuses to start. I installed nothing new yesterday. I don’t have a Vista OS CD because I bought the computer with Vista installed already. Is there something that I can do to fix this problem without having to buy a Vista OS CD

  17. siko says:

    i made a custom computer it worked like a champ for 2 days and now it will turn on and my monitor stays black. i didnt install anythin i went out to eat and when i came back the screen was black. the monitor is on, plugged in, i have reconnected all wires and hardware and yet my problem persists. the processor light doesnt flash but stays red. im lost. i dont want to take it back apart but if its necessary i will. i want another oppinion b4 i do. its running vista.

  18. Mike says:

    I’m having the same problem with my os system not loading. Did the Startup Repair. When it completed got a message that the problem couldn’t be fixed automatically…. i need help…plz

  19. Allan says:

    i have hp laptop ,befoe 2 days i updated my windows vista to sp1 from microsoft website ,and when it finished installation it asked me to restart the computer and i clicked on OK. then the windows failed to startup again , i tried with startup repair but it says it can’t repair the problem. i suspected a damaged hard disk and i took it out and i ran it on another laptop and i recovered all files that i wanted easily( hard disk is working just fine) .
    then i fixed the hard disk again to my laptop and same problem was there. even i tried to do a fresh installation of vista from the installation CD. it fulfil the job but when it restarts same problem comes again ( it won’t startup ) please help.

  20. subhash roy says:

    i have a laptop which os is Vista.After one week it may restart 3 or times daily.I have repair the vista form vista DVD.But problem is same.So what is the solution pl answare me.

  21. Anonymous says:

    okay hold F8 during startup and reformat your computer, but all files will be lost

  22. Josh says:

    my computer does the same thing and i have th cd’s with me thing is idk hw to open it… if my computer wont start

  23. Melanie says:

    I need help. And fast.
    I have a report due tomorrow and for some strange reason my vista’s start up isn’t right. It won’t load the log in screen and it just shows the cursor witha black screen. Happens every time I try to use it now. Pls help. Someone pls help.

  24. Erwin says:

    I’m writing in my iPod Touch now because my HP won’t start up. I click the new Updates and it installed the updates but when I try to start windows, it says it has some wired problems and it’s recomment to fix it but Ive been waiting for ages and I want to see my game. Please help, mail me in, please tell me how to fix it without losing my files, thank you.

  25. Darlene says:

    Booted up computer and all I get is a black screen with a box at the bottom with bars running across screen. What is my computer doing? I let it runn like this all night.

  26. Sergey says:

    I have a laptop with Windows Vista Home premium and last night I shut it down normally. Next morning I tried to turn it on and everything went fine untill I entered my password. When I did it said the user profile service failed the login, users profile cannot be loaded. If anyone has a solution I would be glad to hear from you. Mail me at

    • Mark A. says:

      Retart, press F8 a few times until you get a black screen with options. Choose the selection that says “start windows with last good known configuration”. If this doesn’t work, try same thing but boot using safe mode. Try restoring your computer to an earlier day. That should do it….


  27. Thomas says:

    I’ve successfully repaired this but it wouldn’t post my message hmmm

  28. mike davidson says:

    hi all – ive had the same issue – although i get an extra symptom that some of you may not be realising if youre not getting the hard drive out. each time vista shuts my pc down to install an update it fails to restart and gets stuck on the progress bar. the machine goes really slowly, and the hard drive just clicks to itself, normally the sign of a stuffed drive. ive found that if i attach the drive as a slave on another pc, i can chkdsk /f it and, while it doesnt find any errors, the clicking stops and i can then replace it in the original pc – problem solved. i know there are lots of repair options being given, but this works for me… weird!

    • Mark A. says:

      I ran into this problem before several months back on a old gatway slim desktop. I took off hd and installed in my new desktop. Once my computer noticed the addition hd, it added the drivers it need and notified me of missing files. I was able to access hd before I did this but my computer automatically fixed issues. I don’t even think I ran a diskscan on hd. I re-connected back to gateway and it booted right up.

      Right now I’m having an issue with a old dell mini that has vista on it, I performed a windows update last week and now having problems with it getting to windows login screen. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fix this for my friend. Not sure what to do.


  29. Jenny says:

    Thank you so much for your advice! Dell couldn’t even figure it out and I followed your steps and I’m up and running! Thanks!!!

  30. eng.saeed says:

    I have a laptop with Windows xp and last night I shut it down normally. Next I tried to turn it on and everything went fine untill I entered my password. When I did it said the user profile service expaire .
    and failed the login, . If anyone has a solution I would be glad to hear from you

  31. Felipe Dos Santos says:

    1. Restart the computer from the Windows Vista DVD (the computer must be configured to start from CD/DVD), and start setup.

    when i put the windows vista cd in it doesnt load up , it goes straight to the startup repair page, how do i configure my cpu to start from CD/DVD?

    • jesus says:

      Usually right when the computer starts up you will see a prompt (press XX for setup or bios)
      this is usually F8 or F10.

      Press this button repeatedly at initial power up until you are able to access the BIOS setup menus.
      (Its ok to restart the computer if you miss the button)

      Go to Boot tab (by pressing arrow right or tab)
      set the 1st boot device to (CD/DVD Drive)
      2nd to Hard drive

      it really doesnt matter what other devices boot up after in whatever order as if they are not used they will be skipped automatically.

  32. Stephen Drury says:

    I think i have a virus. it started with multipule display screens on screen(8 all up) and when i tried the recovery disk it says no faults can be found. Now it loads up with the same screen problem and when it gets to were i log in the screens it goes blank and i cant see anything. I can hear the windows sounds so it is getting to the log in page but i cant see it.

  33. Lori says:

    I am having the same problem as Felipe Dos Santos and from Mike from the July comment. How can this be fixed? It seems like it wont read the CD drive when I put in the cd to try to get it to start up. Please help

  34. qualsdad says:

    I feel sorry for all you people run M$ Windows. All of my computers run Linux Mint and there is never a problem. When M$ software has to be used, I’ll open up VirtualBox in Linux Mint and start a virtual M$ Windows session. At least that way when Windows takes a crap (and it will!!!), I haven’t lost any data or the ability to continue working.
    Have a nice day!

  35. Anonymous says:

    i also has a same problem,i accidentaly reformat my recovery image! how am i gonna have it back?so i can backup my file

  36. Bpalk says:

    I had the same problem with Vista and the Black Screen.

    I tried everything, and when my computer wouldn’t even start in safe mode, I was about to reinstall Vista and lose everything, but I tried the following:

    I took out and re-insterted the CMOS Battery and I re-seated my hard drive, and then performed a repair using the Windows OS Disk>

    This worked and everything is functioning normally again.

    This did seem to happen after a Windows Update, so I am leary of those from now on.

    • Tony says:

      Well, your solution wouldn’t have fixed anything related to Windows Update. It was probably a flakey disk leading to corrupted files, and the system repair overwrote the corrupted system files. So, keep applying those updates–don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

  37. Jonas says:

    ahh, i think i’ve lost everything. and it wont work.. stops at crcdisk.sys when trying to start up in safe mode.

  38. mack says:

    i can’t get into my computer the windows start but after says downloading go on black and stop downloading and just dont start i don’t have the dvd disk how can i do a recovery wipeoff and save some files maybe i have some viruses or something can you help .

    And i have another problem whit my other laptop i cant get into my password i forgot it i try to go by safemode but at the end still ask for password can u help

  39. Pam says:

    Shut laptop down last night & when I tried to start it up today it won’t. It will get as far as the green bars with Microsoft corporation then goes to the page with the repair option on it but when I try that I get a message saying “The installed program cannot start. Click ok to turn off the computer” I have tried to start it in safe mode but the page with the repair option comes back up & it’s the same when I try the last known good configuration (advanced) option! Any advice would be a great help cos I will be lost without my laptop.

    • Tony says:

      Hi, Pam. Try starting from the Windows Vista or Windows 7 DVD. Pretend like you’re going to re-install Windows, but click the link to repair your computer.

      If that doesn’t work and you are able to open the Windows Recovery Environment, click the option to open a command prompt. At the prompt, run ‘chkdsk C: -f -r’. This will attempt to solve any disk problems, and I’m guessing you have a few.

      If all that fails, try to re-install Windows over your current installation. If it works, you should be able to get access to your files, but you will need to re-install any applications.

      • Sarah says:

        Wow – this fix is brilliant – this has sorted out my problem perfectly and the computer seems quicker than it was. Thank you so much.

  40. jeff says:

    my pc modle #mother board @#ms-6577 4.1 wont start but long beep when doing such ? how do i fix? i added more ram another dvd and a video card to it for spy cam base in home. it worked before it when being moved home it made contsct with the back of truck box and gared the ram out of place,i removed the extra ram and other devices and place the one old ram back. so on start-up it makes a beep and nothing more no monitor start up to try to reconfig the over all settings so it will work please inform me as such to deal with such a problem

  41. Tony says:

    Hey, all. If you’re having a problem before Windows starts, I just wrote an article about troubleshooting hardware startup problems here:

    Good luck!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I have a gateway computer and i use apassword each and every time i turn it on so that nobody can get on it. But for some strange reason my password has either been changed or someone has been messing with my computer behind my back. It is a good computer and ive never had any trouble with it. Now the only thing that shows up on the screen is GATEWAY and ENTER PASSWORD no matter how many times i enter my password after ther 3rd time it say system disabled and i have to start all over again. What can i do? I miss my computer. That’s my pet.

    • Tony says:

      I posted some suggestions here:

      Worst case, you can replace the motherboard and CPU (or just move the hard disk into a new computer). New computers are fairly cheap nowadays, and sometimes it’s easier to replace them than to fix them.

    • Computer-God says:

      Your problem is an easy fix. There is a jumper on your motherboard that will reset your CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semi-conductor) to it’s original factory settings, thereby, clearing your boot password. Just unplug your computer, then wait about 15-20 minutes to allow the power to drain from the parts. Then switch the jumper on the motherboard (should say on the board “CMOS RESET” or something to that effect)(usually there is between 2 to 3 pins), start the computer, let it run about 30 secs to 1 minute, then shut it off. Let the power drain back out and finally, switch the jumper back, then your good to go.

      • Tony says:

        That works with some older computers (as I discussed in the article), but many newer computers take the security a bit more seriously.

    • Mark A. says:

      I copied this from an earlier post I put….Here’s something you can try to fix the password issue. If your running XP, restart computer, wait to it comes to login screen…hit “ctrl, alt, delete” three times. It should bring up a screen to enter a password. If you didn’t create a password for Administrator when you first setup computer, you can hit “ok” and it should log you in. Dont’ know if this works with vista/windows 7.


  43. Anon says:

    Thank you!! I was really freaking out about my computer. I just followed the instructions and now my computer is doing much better. :)

  44. Miro says:

    What really makes my blood boil, is advice like this: “…Restart the computer from the Windows Vista DVD…”
    When those people finally realize, that 90% of computers are NOT SUPPLIED WITH THE DISK. They have some kind of program to burn recovery disks, that will install Windows back to factory default, but this option such as “Repair” or booting to and selecting “Repair your computer” or “repair the Boot Record” or “BOOTMGR “ DOESN’T EXISTS !!!

  45. adam says:

    it wont repair :(

  46. Keti says:

    Where can i get Vista DVD? my laptop did not come with one

  47. Hayley says:

    when I go to start my comp, it comes up with the loading bar but sits there for a very long time, Then it goes black. I didnt manually install any updates or anything. When i try to boot from CD it says that windows is loading the files, then once it is done it only comes up with my Boot Option. Ive tried Last known config, didnt work. I have the first 2 boot orders as CD and the 3rd is blank. I “press any key to boot from CD” but wont work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, Hayley.

      So, to be clear, you’re unable to start from the CD to run Startup Repair, correct? Since Windows isn’t automatically going into Startup Repair, I presume you’re running Vista or older, which means our only option is to get you to successfully boot from the CD.

      It sounds like you’ve configured your BIOS to start from the CD correctly. Because you get the “Press any key to start from the CD” prompt, you know the computer is indeed starting from the CD and that it’s bootable. Does Windows indeed start from the CD when you press a key? If not, maybe you need a new keyboard.

      If Windows is starting from the CD but doesn’t give you the startup options (do you get prompted for your language?) then you might have a faulty Windows CD. Try to borrow one from a friend and see if you have the same problem.

      If Windows Setup won’t start from a different CD, the problem might be hardware-related. As I mention in the article, try removing any unnecessary USB devices. Unplug your computer, open it up, and re-seat (remove and re-insert) any cards and memory.

      If neither Windows Setup nor Windows will start, you’ll need to do some additional hardware troubleshooting. Check this article for more help:

      Good luck!

  48. mohit says:

    Hi i put the vista DVD and started it. When the Installation page appeared(the one with the image displayed on your site)i was looking for the repair your computer button. but it isnt there. Instead it shows transfer youre files from one computer to another. Moreover just above the Main install now button on the same page it shows another button which says,check compatibility online.

    What is the problem. Kindly advise

  49. ashb says:

    I’ve just restarted my laptop in order to install windows updates and now it won’t load, startup recovery is installed onto the hard drive. It goes onto the Vista first loading screen with the bar with the green lights, then once that finishes the screen stays black until it flashes blue briefly and turns it’s self off. Startup recovery is unable to fix the problem and system recovery doesn’t help. The report generated by startup says a patch is responsible. No hardware issues.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    • It’s definitely either corrupted system files or a hardware issue, and if Startup Recovery isn’t finding a problem, it’s probably a hardware issue. I would open your computer and reseat everything but the processor–memory chips, system cards, hard disk cables. Sometimes, it’s just a loose wire. If you still can’t boot, I’d unplug every accessory that’s not completely necessary–remove everything but the hard disk, memory, processor, and video card. If you still can’t boot, you know it’s one of those components, and the easiest way to identify them is to start swapping parts with a working computer. Good luck!

  50. troble says:

    anyone can help me? i can’t go in the window. the loading time is too long and never go through. i don’t what happen can any1 help me?

  51. bLAIR says:

    My laptop starts up then logs off and restarts
    Keeps doing this
    I have Vista Home Premium
    Not sure if I have a virus
    any tips to troubleshoot ?

  52. Anonymous says:

    hi. I had installed kaspersky to scan my laptop. after which it never started. I believe it deleted some of the start up files. first time after that i started my laptop, it gave me startup repair option and i followed the steps, but it was late so i slept and thought it would run perfectly, after that i dont know wht happened, even if I try to run the startup repair, its useless. it hungs up at a point and cannot proceed further. Please help me out, m not able to boot.

  53. DENKOBOY says:

    I have a medion akoya s6510 and windows vista home premium 32 bit. at first my wlan and fingerprint sensor device wasnt installed. them i found my drivers on my recovery (D) and installed them it worked . then it crashed i started the system restore and open the earlyer point in time and i fixed it with tune up utilities and avast antivirus and the blue screen came up and crashed. it restarted and sait that it couldn find operating system. then lucely the avast ntivirus started in bios and started fixing it it got stuck at 84 % and it stopped it , then i turned it on . pressed f2 for startupn repair, it didnt start, i pressed f8 and then i klicked enter on that i would open system when it started properly. and now im tiping this. it worked. but im afraid the blue screen would come up any second. please help !!!!

  54. Hector says:

    my loptop is a dell it will not let me logon all i see is the mouse pointer and the blanck back ground i left like that all night but still it will not let me logon

  55. Marco says:

    Like Hector (last entry), I have a Dell laptop with Vista 32 bit. Since auto updating with about 18 updates from Windows on 11 August 2010 my system hangs whenever I use software that has a high memory demand like Google Earth or video editing software. When I reboot after these hangs, I get the same result as Hector did. After repeatedly shutting it down and then rebooting (20 plus times) with varying results I finally manage to get a successful login.

    For the moment, I will have to stay away from high memory demand software and keep fingers crossed, but hopefully there will be a windows fix for this soon in further updates. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

    BTW, scans and diagnostics all return no errors with the system. I have another Dell laptop and that also hung when using some high memory demand software after the auto upgrade of Vista, but fortunately it rebooted ok. I am very reluctant to turn either of the laptops off while these problems persist.

  56. Tony Nutter says:

    Running Vista : Am getting problems with very slow running for about 15 minutes after a start-up – CPU monitor shows 100% for most of this time. Also some time later computer will hang – completely unresponsive – only way out is to switch off. Seems to have started since the mega August updates.

  57. Great advice! Thanks for sharing with us. I’ve seen a PC refuse to get to the BIOS startup screen because the components were drawing too much current for the power supply to handle at once. And it was fixed by upgrading to a slightly more powerful PSU.

  58. Aidan says:

    I have a problem. When I turn on my computer the black and white screen shows up, it says there is a problem with running windows and a file may be deleted or corrupted. From there it gives me two options, run windows normally or scam disc for problems. If I choose the scan it will scan and scan and scan but yield no results. If I choose to run windows normally it will start and go to the screen where it normally let’s me enter my password, but no interface will pop up, and if I leave it there long enough it will go back to the scan thing.
    P.S. I have windows 7

  59. Anonymous says:

    When I go to repair my computer it just keeps scanning and scanning with no end in sight, what should I do.
    P.S. I have windows 7

  60. Anonymous says:

    I have windows 7 and I followed the instructions all the way to repair computer and it has done no such thing, it just says that it is attempting to repair hard drive and it might take over an hour, and it hasn’t repaired it so far.

  61. spc meyer says:

    I have a HP M8000 with Vista Home Preimium installed. I’ve had it for little over 2 years. updated the patches and that, now it won’t boot back up. It gets to the windows loading screen, loads two of the green bars and then restarts. when it comes back up it goes to where i can either run windows repair or start windows normally. if i start windows normally it does the same thing. if i go to windows repair it says it can’t find anything. tried restoring it, says it successfully restored but it is still doing the same problem. any help would be vary appreciated

  62. Angela says:

    I have windows vista, & I don’t have the backup cd, can I get 1, where?

  63. mj says:

    i have a windows vista and when i turn on my computer it goes to black screen and says ‘vista cannot boot,please put in boot cd’
    the problem is i an’t find my boot d anywhere and i dont think i have one.i been trying to fix the computer myself for the last three weeks and i can’t use any system recovery options either. please help or tell me where i can get a boot cd for my philips computer.

  64. Ryan says:

    Heres the wierd thing, sometimes my computer starts up, sometimes the blue light on my computer is on, but my screen says NO SIGNAL, ive tried start up repair, but it says that it cant run. its odd, and just a few minutes ago, my computer tried starting up, but once it got to the main screen after loging me in, it froze and let out a high pitched screech. My Trend Micro Scanner never shows womthing is wrong with my files, So i’d just like someones opinion of whats wrong

  65. sanjib dash says:

    sir,i have problem in my laptop. i update my computer
    and then restart the computer.but it never start.then i shut down again direct.then i start the computer with the help of start up repair .when repair finish it takes 20to 30 minue start the computer.please help me .what should i do?please mail me on this adress…

  66. akay says:

    Hi i’m having a problem with my laptop when i turn it on it goes straight to start up repair it will run for ages then it comes up saying that it can’t automaticaly repair so it goes back to start up repair and we start all over again i just feel like i’m going around is circles and getting nowhere it has been taken longer and longer to load up over the last couple of weeks and now this
    Please can anyone help i’m getting nowhere fast !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you

  67. Caree says:

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit
    Pink Sony Vaio i got june 2009
    Has been making clicking noises/ sounds like a lawn mower sometimes for the past few months.
    Last night it said to restart for an AVG 2011 free antivirus update. I shut it down and since then ( all today ) it has not been able to start. Takes me to start up repair everytime i try.

    I am not super tech savvy and don’t know if i am able to take apart my laptop.
    I do not own a Vista dvd/cd. It came installed.

  68. jo says:

    i have to use start up repair every time i turn on my pc(win7).

  69. cool says:

    i have windows 7 home premium 64 bit and my laptop is HP G62. last time i was downloading windows update and coping some files from my job’s share. windows haven’t got any problem while running and shuting down. then i switched on my laptop. windows started and i log on my user. but display have been blank (only has showing cursor location) after loged on. also start task meneger is runing. it works. how to fix my windows.
    please help me. i don’t want format my laptop.

  70. Chare Hardin says:

    I have this labtop that is stuc on a startup repair fails ver and over again. I don’t have a boot cd and I can’t make one either i don’t know what to do. I really ned help i have very important documents on it. I would really apreciate it if someone could get back to me as soon as possible…my email is… Thank You

  71. Youri says:

    Got an issue yesterday, black screen with blinking cursor, startup repair apparently doesnt detect corrupted master boot records, bootrec.exe /fixmbr on the recovery disks command prompt did it for me.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Hi i was copying a file and then my pc went onto blue screen and restarted and now it wont start up windows vista it stays on a blank screen with a flashing dash what what do i do pls help me.

  73. ellis says:

    my computer wont go past the first processor loading screen and i cant seem to access the bios.
    dont know what to do

  74. lisa says:

    hi i am running on vista i was recently struck by bsod and now cannot boot past this screen i have run a hard drive scan with no errors i have also run memtest 86 which also showed no errors, i have 4un vista recovery disk but it says cannot be repaired automatically any help gratefully recived

  75. Luis says:

    Hey I did an anti virus about two days ago and now my pc won’t start up and it only get stuck on the loading green Nara and it won’t fix it please help me!!!