HP OfficeJet 7410 All-in-One: Not Ready for Vista

Last week, my fax machine died. I decided I’d buy the biggest and fanciest all-in-one fax/scanner/printer/copier that I could find, so I’d never be stranded without some feature. I wanted something that could connect directly to the network, so I could use all the features when I had my laptop disconnected from the docking station.

After reading through many reviews, I decided on the HP OfficeJet 7410 All-in-One. It sounded very cool–through software, I can scan and fax across the network. Staples had it on sale, so I ran to the nearest outlet. I was relieved to see a big cardboard sign on the printer that said, “Ready for Vista!” Sure, Vista was released about five months ago, but not every vendor has released updates for compatibility, so finding Vista compatibility was important.

So, I buy one and hook it up at home. I open up HP’s website to grab the latest drivers, and I see:

At this time there is not a downloadable full-feature Windows Vista driver solution available for your product.

The short-term driver solution is included in your Windows Vista Operating system and is already on your computer. There is no need to download anything at this time. This driver makes it possible to use the basic functions for the printer and can be used until the full-feature driver is available.

So, it’s kinda ready for Vista. Not really. I can print to it across the network, but I can’t scan. If I’d wanted that, I could have spent about $200 less. Oh, and the printing drivers are a little buggy–the duplexing feature doesn’t work correctly (the back side of the paper is always printed incorrectly.) That was an expensive feature that’ll go useless now, too.

Well, on the upside, I can scan to a memory card. So, for the time being, I’ll fall back 20 years to a sneaker-foot network.

The software works okay (not great–I had to install it twice) on my wife’s Windows XP computer. She won’t let me upgrade it to Vista because she’s concerned about compatibility problems–is she crazy, or what?!

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  1. DCourt says:

    I have been battling the All-In_One in Vista problem since installing the OS at the beginning of the month. I downloaded fulls feature software two days ago – fatal error during installation. After almost 20 hours over 3 days with a great Microsoft Tech, including a 3-way conference with an HP Printer tech, we are not there yet. Clearly there is something installed/corrupted/lost along the way. The issues have gone back to MS research, and we’ll pick up tomorrow. I figure this will not be the last printer or device problem if we don’t determine the cause and resolve it. Will let you know when we’re successful.

  2. Dan says:

    I have the same problem with 7580 and 5610 office jets. I have pissed off customers. I guess the only thing to do is to wait for HP to fix it.

  3. Susan says:

    Can you let everyone know when the Vista Full Feature Drivers are available for the HP OfficeJet 7410 All-in-One printer. Thanks.

  4. Amanda says:

    I have had driver problems with the All-In-One even before the Vista thing. I have tried to call HP support but I don’t think that the support desk understands english…..I can;t scan or upload photos from a memory card. HELP

  5. Jeff says:

    I have tried intsalling the All-in-One drivers for Vista dated 2007-03-16 on my laptop running Vista Business, and it does wrk sort of. I have two problems: 1) the duplex option works but only one way, by flipping on short edge, which is not what I want. Doesnt matter what option you set for this it will only do it this way. 2) The top margin is increased which means that the footer of the page gets choppd off.

    This functionality works fine when printing from XP and 2003. I would sure love to get this working.

  6. Chris says:

    I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get my 7310 all-in-one, which is almost identical to this 7410, to scan using the 2007-03-16 “Vista” drivers from HP. The problem is that any time I try to scan, I get the message that “hpqscnvw.exe has stopped working.” Vista then tries repeatedly to restart this program, unsuccessfully. The interesting thing is that if I go into the Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin directory and run hpqscnvw.exe directly, the program runs fine. By doing this, I have been able to scan single page documents, saving them as jpg, bmp, or tiff. However because I can’t scan directly into paperport, creating multiple-page scans is a real hassle. (I have to save each page as its own file, then combine them later.) If anybody knows a secret to getting the scanning to work, let’s hear it!

  7. Zoran says:

    I have the same problem as Jeff with the top margin. Nobody at HP can help. I have to go through a series of grueling “Did you select Automatic paper type?” “Did you select duplex printing?” “Did you set the time on your microwave correctly?” And so on, and so forth.

    So I’ll try and switch to XP and see if it works…

    Bummer… And I thought that the Vista driver will solve my problems with scanning. Wherever did I get the idea that a new driver solves ALL the problems (and doesn’t create new ones)…

  8. I have a different , yet simlar problem.

    I have the HP OJ 6100 All in one and Vista. I have Full Feature Drivers. I now can not use the Media Center for Video. the HP Device is Listed under Video and Now it Crashes my PC and Xbox 360.

    Anyone seen this?

  9. Mike C says:

    If you install drivers for the Deskjet 990c (and perhaps other Deskjets), pointing at the 7410′s existing port (even over ethernet), then duplexing does work. However, you lose a lot of 7410-specific functionality, and you still can fax/scan. I just did this, and will be using the 990c driver whenever I want to duplex, and the 7410 driver for all other printing. It beats using my wife’s XP laptop to print longer docs.

  10. Mike C says:

    Sorry, I meant to say you cannot fax/scan, even with the other drivers. I may experiment and see if there are other AIO drivers that do work better.

  11. George says:

    I’ve had an HP All-in-one 5610 since February. Using the latest Vista drivers on an an Acer T180 running Vista Home Premium, it prints rubbish color prints in the MAX DPI mode on HP Premium Plus paper. But when connected to my old Evesham computer running XP Home it produces a wonderful MAX DPI prints using the 5610 XP driver. I used the same HP58 cartridge in both cases. But for this, the machine performs all of its functions all be it somewhat slower than under XP. The ladies at HP Support seem to only want me to try drivers from older HP machines…why? They seem to have no interest in seeing the prints. Has anyone else had this experience? Seems to me like the Vista drivers need a lot more work!

  12. John says:

    Very disapointed with HP…. I’ve experienced all the above and more… So untill HP get’s their act together, I’m stuck with a semi boat anchor!

    Please – also, dump this India crap support! It’s a waste of time! You use to have good support… NO MORE!

  13. Niels says:

    I’m pretty sick of the problems I have experienced with the Vista driver. I have to re-install the driver often in order to get the thing to print. When can we expect a reliable driver form HP?

  14. Peter Gray says:

    I made the mistake of buying an HP 7180 AIO four weeks ago to run on my new HP Laptop and its driving me mad. I have the same problem as Chris in that I can’t scan from the front panel or the so-called Solution software but scan by clicking on HPSCNVW.EXE. I have sent about 10 e-mails and spent £10 on phone calls to HP Support. They have been totally useless. We go around in circles. They promise to call back and don’t they ask you for serial number, OS, etc., etc. repeatedly to try and get rid of you. My problem has been ‘escalated’ so many times it’s now just off Mars. First and last time I buy HP.

  15. kramo says:

    It’s very unfortunate HP is at its lowest ebb. Up till now, it cannot develop an effect driver for its Officejet 7400 series on its automatic duplex printing feature. It prints second page up-side-down.
    You cal HP Tech Support and you’re thrown to India. These guys wasted one precious hours of mine, talking garbage.

    HP is being cheap! A little bit time and customers such as myself, will start a boycott of printers. Please sell them in India.

    What happened to a working driver for Officejets?

  16. Tiffani Joffrion says:


  17. Tiffani Joffrion says:

    FINALLY! I have been driving myself absolutely crazy about my HP Officejet 5610 All-in-one not working with Vista. I have the exact same story you told! I can print but can’t scan. Can you let me know when there is a “download” to make the scanner work? Thanks so much for the info!

  18. lansford says:

    Comment from Peter Gray
    Time: July 12, 2007, 3:59 pm

    please let me know the error message you are receiving while scanning from the HP solution center or from the All-in-one. so that I can try to help you regarding this.

  19. Karen says:

    I am having similar problems with Vista and the Officejet 7310. I am on the help line with HP (in India), but am getting a similar run around.
    I can scan by running the hpqscnvw.exe file directly off of the Hewlett-Packard directory on my PC, but don’t have all the features the HP Solution Center offers. Can’t scan directly to a pdf file, but can to a bmp, which I can convert to a pdf. Your comments have helped me get that far, any clue as to how I can successfully scan from the HP Solution Center??? Thanks!

  20. Peter Gray says:

    Hi Lansford, thanks for your response. When I try and scan from the HP Solution Center or the front panel of the all in one, the scan parameter window opens but when I click on scan I get a Windows error message ‘hpqscnvw has stopped working…When I close the program another error message appears ‘Unable to communicate with HP scanning software….These messages appear three times before finally failing. I’ve reinstalled the software numerous times. I’ve connected the all in one on a wireless network and by USB but the same thing happens. I can run hpscnvw.exe separately but not from the Solution Center of the machine.

  21. I Jones says:

    Also having a complete nightware with HP scanner software (Scanjet 5590) at the moment under Vista x64 (with latest website drivers).

    Keep getting the error “HpqScnVw has stopped working”. Although this app can be used standalone instead of being launched via HP Solution Centre, it can only scan images in this mode and I need PDF.

    Google search appears to show loads of customers with this error – so looks like the fiasco with HP Director being broken by IE7 all over again. (That one took at least 6 months from the point of logging the issue to a hotfix being released; in the meantime, all the HP support people I spoke to did their *UTMOST* to try to make it my problem or to fob me off.) I am so looking forward to this – not!

  22. sM says:

    Hi all, i have the same problem you all have and i don’t have the answer yet either. here’s what i have learned though,…1. this hpqscnvw.exe error only occurs on 64bit Vista, 32 bit works fine. 2. if you launch hpqscnvw.exe directly, it’ll work but no option for PDF. i wish i had more to share, i wish someone else had already solved this problem.

  23. Peter Gray says:

    Lanford, you must work for HP- promise a lot but deliver nothing.

  24. Doug Touche says:

    I have the same problem (hpqscnvw stops) with an HP L7780 Officejet Pro connected via network. I have Vista Ultimate (upgrade) on my HP desktop computer. On my computer the AiO software and scanner/printer drivers work when installed with Vista Home Premium. I was able to determine this because Ultimate allows for a complete backup, which I did and then re-installed Home Premium and HP AiO software and drivers, other than scan to (digital filing) button on L7780 all seemed to work as designed. I have talked to tech support here in the U.S. and I wait for the solution. Speculating – it is a Vista issue but HP needs to know and work with them on this – closely. Lets get er done! gosh darn it. People got work to do!!!!

  25. kristin says:

    Need HELP! i have a HP officejet PRO L7500 using with my laptop that has VISTA. I have not been able to 1. printer wireless or 2. SCAN. I believe i am going to lose my mind trying. Can someone help?

  26. Alex says:

    I have the same problem as so many others I can print but can’t scan, and like so many others I have tried the HP support line, or more like lack of support.
    HP needs to get there Sh_T together…what ever happened to customer support.

  27. abokyi says:

    I’ve HP Officejet 7410 that works fine Win XP, for auto duplex printing. I changed to Vista and the woes begun. 1st page brings okay but back page prints up-side-down. I’ve spent hours with Indians of HP tech support to no avail. I need an updated Vista driver to solve this problem. Please don’t tell me to go HP driver download site nor call the India-Tech Support. I won’t because in this hour of distress, they are also like.. HP! Humm, SOS please!

  28. Chris Penney says:

    I have a HP officejet 5610 All-in-One, I bought an HP laptop with Vista in June 07. I experience the same problem – I can print but not scan. I have downloaded and installed the supposed HP Solution center for vista from HP twice and installed it 3 times. I have had it with the lack of support from HP – I am giving the printer away and will buy a real printer from a real printer company that runs on Vista. I will be sure and tell everyone I can not to by anymore trash from HP.

  29. ScottE says:

    Similar problems here, have had to re-install the 7410 drivers from the Vista CD now 8 times in less than 6 months. The lack of ability to scan and do other functions aside from printing for me was alleviated by the reinstall from the disc. However, I’m tired of having to go and get my CD every few weeks when Vista somehow decides to eliminate the 7410 drivers from my system completely! What a waste of time for HP users…

  30. JOHN says:

    I have the 7410 and I fax over 300 pages a week. Upgraded to vista and the new hp software doesn’t offer a “PC-Generated Cover Page” option. This is a huge problem. It also doesn’t offer the “Fax Editor” program. I contacted tech support and this guy gave me the run around for about 30 mins. He finally explained they haven’t realease that portion, but will and to check back. This is discouragin. I guess I’m stuck with my old pc for faxing or just get a new fax machine.

  31. dc says:

    Oh shucks. I thought it was just me and my legacy hardware… I have a very old HP OJ R80xi AIO, still sending HP money by purchasing exhorbatant ink carts at $30 a pop. I finally went Vista on a new desktop and bought a PCI/parallel port so I could keep my printer. Well, afer a bit of work I was able to get the printer working, but I have not been able to get scanner to work. I get 2 sheets of a bit of garbage when I try to scan. I was thinking it was either my cheap PCI-parallel port add-on or R80xi being so old so they half-assed driver support (though scanner works fine on my XP box).

    HP better fix this. Their printer division still make money off of me every year for ink consumerables. If you force me to get a new printer it will be a Canon!

  32. Mark says:

    I too have this problem with “hpqscnvw.exe has stopped working” with my C5180, Vista Premium.

  33. Mark says:

    I just found the answer to my issue’s with the hpqscnvw.exe has stopped working. It has to do with the Wacom tablet I have. I stopped the service and the scan function now works.

  34. cam says:

    Thanks Mark, I had the same “hpqscnvw.exe has stopped working” error (after having solved countless other problems with this stupid piece of junk – last time I buy from HP).

    Go to Administrative Tools – Services – Tablet PC Input Service – Stop the serice, and then the scanner starts working. (Pity about the Tablet functionality……)

  35. ali says:

    my problem is also solved by stopping the tablet pc service. Now the solution center works wells. I have 7780 all in one. Hp needs to fix this.

  36. Peter Gray says:

    Cam you are a hero. After spending hours trying to get my C7180 to scan from HP Solutions Center, your suggestion to stop the tablet pc service has solved the problem. Like you I will never buy another HP product. Thanks again.

  37. Dale Craig says:

    I have been attempting to install the software for the HP Officejet pro 7780 and been getting the same problems. From what I can figure out the services are not being correctly loaded/unloaded. The very last step of the install (where the services for the HP Solution Center are being started up) fail. I have had this work exactly once and since then have not been able to get it operating. HP support is completely worthless.

    I write software for a living and I know something about software design. What I have seen from HP stuff is their Software people should be fired. For example, the first time I installed this package it went out and loaded a more recent copy of the HP Update program and then the install promptly failed. When I tried to uninstall the Update it failed. When I tried to re-install the HP software it failed because it said there was a more recent version of Update! The programmers didn’t even bother to check versions during install and instead had their entire software package just fail on setup.

    As I said, the HP software people should be fired. This will be the last HP product I ever purchase.

  38. johnp says:

    I too have had problems with scanning/Vista HP7410. HP has had plenty of time to fix this, I’m tired of waiting. They lost me as a customer…

  39. Gerald Jones says:

    I have an HP Officejet 5610v All-in-One. I have to re-install the HP software and driver every time I log into my computer. Where can we file a class action lawsuit against HP?

  40. carol says:

    I have 3310 all in one. bought it for all the great features. features that do not work. i have all the problems of scan and fax that all of you have. also a vista os. on- line chat with techs and promised call backs that never happen. many hours wasted, not to say the dollars that i wasted on this piece of crap. i am going out in the next hour and buying an epson. no more hp anything,ever again! i’m done,stick me with a fork! any info on the class action lawsuit please pass it on.

  41. Jim Challender says:

    I’ve been dealing with HP since Mar 07 re VISTA and Duplex printing on my Officejet 7310. They have promised a new (fixed) driver four or five times and promised to call me back with further info as well. Never called yet. I am expecting (?) a call at noon Monday, Jan 28. I am going to request they replace my 7310 with printer that works or refund my money ($249 @ Office Max Feb ’07). Also I have been told by HP support that they don’t have a single printer that supports “AUTO” duplex print function under VISTA. I checked several HP “ALL-In-Ones” on line and if you look hard enough you’ll find the following – “Two-Sided Print (Duplexing) Option Is Not Available in Windows Vista Even Though an Automatic Two-Sided Printing Accessory is Installed”

    What happened to HP. I’ve used HP printers for 20 years and have installed dozens at work. Till VISTA came along all was well as far as I was concerned. Their tech support was the best. Now – - ?

    Looks like I’m going to buy a CANON 850 (but will wait till I see one print DUPLEX properly) Now I don’t trust anyone if HP support can be soooo wrong – Who can you trust???

  42. arli says:

    Jim, by applying the above mentioned workaround to disable “Tablet PC Input Service” I’m easily able to print double-sided automatically. The only action I still have to take is to enable “Auto duplex” printing by changing the corresponding printer properties value when I send a document for printing to my Officejet L7580

  43. arli says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’ve physically “upgraded” my L7580 with the automatic Two-Sided Printing accessory

  44. Jim Challender says:


    I tried the “fix” you mentioned long ago with the guidance of HP’s support personnel, it did not help. Perhaps your L7580 works with the fix, but it didn’t fix my 7310. Keep in mind that duplex works, but only in “FLIP” mode.

    By the way I didn’t get the promised call form HP from HP last monday as promised. I wasn’t surprised, as they hvae never followed up with any promised calls. I am now on line with a “case manager” and will update if any meaningful news results.

  45. Jim Challender says:

    Re HP Multifunction Duplex Flip Mode Print Problem.

    HP Corporate case manager called today. Claims that the problem is Microsoft VISTA and will be fixed when Microsoft releases VISTA Service Pack 1.

    She further claims that a Beta version of VISTA Service Pack 1 is now available, but the official release date is expected by July though a recent note she received from Microsoft indicated Service Pack 1 may be released by April 1 (April Fools Day?).

    She further claims that “ALL” printer manufacturers have the same problem. I’m not sure I buy it.

  46. Frank says:

    I, also have the scanner problem – C5280. I sent the file ‘hpqscnvw.exe’ to my desktop so I can scan, but no .pdf.HP has had me uninstall & reinstall their software 5 or 6 times – the installation is not the problem! I was to be contacted by a level 2 tech three weeks ago & that has never happened either. I’m going to try to stop the Tablet PC Input Service & see if that helps. The only thing that the HP techs have accomplished for me is loosing the ink level status display.

  47. Frank says:

    Stopping the Tablet PC Input Service didn’t work for me -

  48. Mike says:

    Don’t be fooled guys. This isn’t just a Vista problem. I have XP and have been driving myself mad. HP never again for me!

  49. Roland says:

    Please add me to the list of those being driven mad by the HP scanning software. I purchased a HP 7280 All-In-One in January 2008. The printer, copier, and fax machine all work adequately (but very slowly). The scanning software, however, is a complete mess. I cannot scan from the front panel or from HP Solutions Center. I get software communication errors. Everything is installed correctly and all devices are recognized, but the software just does not work. Since I can scan via the scanner’s webpage (embedded web scanner), I know that the hardware works. Over the past few weeks, I have devoted countless hours going through routine checks with various HP personnel. Finally, last night, one admitted to me that the software does not work and that HP is working on a fix. The HP tech then told me to uninstall and reinstall the software each time I want to use the scanner and that should help. The tech says that sometimes this works for a day or two before the software fails again. At this point, my sanity is more important. I am ready to give up on HP. The 7280 will make a good $300 paper weight. Any suggestions on a good wireless all-in-one from Canon, Epson, or any other reputable manufacturer. HP has lost a customer for life.

  50. David C. says:

    Last October, “John” wrote that his 7410 did not allow for the creation of a Fax Cover Cover Page from the HP Solutions software. I have a 7310 and still cannot get the option to create a Fax cover Page when I send a fax from the HP Solutions Center. Many, many months ago Tech support said it was coming. It hasn’t shown up for almost a year. Can anyone out there create a Fax cover Page from 7000 series all-in one software? How do you do it? what softyware package is it on? Thanks!

  51. Roland says:

    Re: Fax cover sheet

    I have not been able to creat a fax cover sheet with my 7280. The entire 7000 series seems to be a bust.

    My HP 7280 All-In-One has turned into a very expensive single function printer. The HP techs openly admit that there are serious software problems.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Epson CX9475. It is a Wireless All-In-One which purports to have all of the features of the most expensive HP All-In-One, yet sells for only $159.00? Before I throw away even more money, any suggestions?

  52. Robin says:

    This also is a problem with Windows2000 …just purchased a L7780..an important element was scanning at high res…the box and literature say scans at 2400×4800 optical and up to 19,200dpi by multiscan interpolation. It actually scans up to 600, but only via webscan. No software control over results or area scanned. When attempting to scan from the machine itself the machine reports NO SCAN OPTIONS AVAILABLE refer to troubleshooting documentation…there isnt any on scanning!
    Oddly when looking at what documentation there is, there claims to be Photosmart software installed onto the computer on install together with a solutions centre from which HP Support tell me I can change the resolution. Neither of these programs exist on the install disk. HP told me to download revised version 8.0.1 Starter CD and after uninstalling the original, install that to solve the problems. All the original Problems still exist, but now attempts to scan freeze completely as hpqscnvw.exe hangs..It kills Word and PaintShopPro too. The old install at least let me select the scanner as a TWAIN source, although wouldnt scan, now it is not even selectable.

    Build quality is very poor too, the plastic is weak. On delivery the hinge point was already broken on the paper tray. My supplier said he would swap this only to find exactly the same damage on the next 3 newly delivered 7780′s.

    Although the print quality is nice it is slower than expected…it claims up to 35ppm in draft, but there is no way of setting this, and it ambles along at 10ppm (my last mfp, a brother did 16ppm)

    HP make claims for this machine that just arent true. The lie seems to be that whatever your operating system is its your fault for either being too advanced with Vista, or too backwards with XP or 2000.

    After spending the last 3 days trying to get this working, multiple uninstalls and reinstalls, on several different machines, I begin too think the software just isnt going to do the job ever. I may give it another day of trying to find a fix, but I am on the verge of returning the printer (thats all it actually turns out to be) to the vendor as unfit for purpose. A customer should not be expected to go through this torture, and as this is for my business I am really unhappy to have lost 3 days work to this already… I darent measure the true cost of the machine.
    I used to think of HP as very reliable products from personal experience in the past, but this has destroyed all faith in the company…I will actively avoid HP products from now on instead of choosing them over other options.

    As per the previous post…Does anybody know of a good alternative that really does what this printer/fax/scanner is pretending to do?

  53. Priscilla says:

    Had an HP 6210 that worked fine then wouldn’t scan anymore. Tried to uninstall and reinstall software and WIndows would no longer recognize the software. Purchased an HP L7650, thinking that there was something wrong with the HP 6210, only to find I have just purchased this $300 unit that won’t scan, either. I don’t know why the 6210 suddendly stopped scanning. Taking the L7650 back. Don’t need two scanners that will only print. Very disappointed, to say nothing of the bad timing when working with time-sensitive documents.

  54. Dave says:

    Thank Goodness I’ve stumbled upon this forum to help maintain my sanity that it’s HP and not me! After wasting countless hours with their online tech support, I’m still unable to scan under Vista with my 7410. It worked quite well under XP and I recently made the mistake of thinking Vista has been out long enough to upgrade to it. ‘Everything’ else on my computer went along nicely for the ride to Vista but HP has really screwed up on this one. As one reviewer wrote; ‘instead of seeking out HP products, I’ll start looking to avoid them’.

    I’ve had this 7410 for awhile now and it took a great deal of time to get it to steady state under XP but once there it worked well for my needs. Now I don’t see an end in site. The support I’ve received has been laughable and excruciatingly frustrating all at the same time. I’ve been ‘escalated’ to ‘level 2′ support which today suggested the same fix I was given a week ago.

    I don’t see an end to this nightmare in sight……

  55. Vaughn says:

    I have an HP 5610 for about a year. Added an HP 4260 and now I get a totally BS window telling me the printers are ready. I have to click to close the windows. HP decided that they need to have their own BS popups installed. Purpose…? To Annoy, frustrate and P…off their customers. Don’t buy HP. I’ll never get another even if I have to pay double the price. Pure crap in my opinion.

  56. laura says:

    can anyone help me upgrade my hp officejet 6100 to vista? Where do I go, who can i call for tech. supp.? just got a new dell and it has vista rather than xp

  57. Frustrated says:

    I am so frustrated with my HP printer all in one. I have a 7780. Before, sometimes I could scan then all of a sudden it would tell me that the printer was disconnected even though I had just scanned something. I would have to turn the printer off, restart it and let it go through its start up procedure then maybe it would scan again. I got tired of this so I went in and tried to download new drivers hoping it would fix it. My result: Now the HP Solution Center software doesn’t even recognize there is a printer attached to my computer even though there are two of them attached (I also have a smaller all in one 1315). I spent 3 “chat” sessions with three different techs with no success. I have installed, uninstalled, scrubbed, cleaned the registry and still have the same problem. I have decided that I am tired of this. When I purchased the 7780 last fall I was told it would work with VISTA what a crock of lies!! Why are these printers on the market today anyway? You cannot buy a new computer even an HP that does not have VISTA on it…they need to quit selling these until they can pull their head out of wherever it is and fix the problems!!!

  58. Arun Poojary says:

    hp Deskjet 5600 error hpqscnvw.exe has stopped
    Please let us know what is the solution to resolve this problem.

  59. Frustrated Customer says:

    I just bought an HP C7280. I have set up 2 wireless laptops with it. One with Windows XP and the other with Vista Premium. I am able to print from both laptops just fine. It’s the scanning and faxing through Solution Center that is the problem. The Software (including Solution Center – aka SC) works ok (but slowly) with XP. On the Vista laptop however, it’s a nightmare. Software installed 100% after hours of re-installing it. However, the scan picture and scan to document buttons in SC do not work. Sometimes the pc just sits there after clicking them. At other times, I get an error that says that The HP scanning application is currently in use of unavailable. On XP the Solution Center also has a button for Transfer Images and another for “Send a Fax”. On the Vista pc, those 2 buttons are gone. Probably because HP knows they don’t work anyway. (Neither do the buttons they left there). After reading this forum and many others and after spending many hours trying to solve these problems, I will probably take the printer back to the store. I am still within my 30 days from purchase. It will be back to looking for a working all-in-one that works with Vista and is wireless. Any ideas?

  60. Nikki K says:

    I too just got an HP Pro 7780 today as a replacement machine for my 7410 that was under warranty. What a nightmare. It took me 6 months to get the 7410 to work with Vista and now this replacement 7780 is the worst ever. I have had this HP all-in-one (wireless networked) for over 5 years (I’m on the 3rd one now)and NEVER had problems until I bought a desktop with VISTA last May 2007. I agree with everyone the worst thing is HP’s refusal to acknowledege the fact that there is a HUGE problem!

  61. dtransl8tor says:

    I have 2 HP laptops, both run on Vista home premium; oddly enough, one will perform all the functions of an old 6210 All-in-One but the other just refuses to scan, but does eveything else. I got both of machines on same evreything!
    What happened? Can somebody tell me how to run hpqscnvw.exe alone, please. Thanks

  62. dtransl8tor says:

    I was told that these AIO will work fine with XP. I wonder if we can ge HP to reload Windows XP in our machines. Can antbody show me how to pull my XP out of my desktop and load it on my laptops? I’m so sick with Vista.

  63. 9 says:

    YAY I AM SO SO SO SO THANKFUL for whoever first said to stop TABLET SUPPORT! My sister installed her wacom tablet & after that it has not been working and driving me crazy! I need to scan for my job and am so happy it works now,. I don’t think it’s an HP problem or an XP/VISTA problem since it didnt work on both xp and vista for me but now that I stopped the service it works so that’s all I care about and I hope all of you find the solution if the tablet doesn’t work. I know your pain, i’ve spent days trying to figure it out!

  64. Frank says:

    HP Scanner Now Scanning!
    A Cannon tech helped me resolve my HP scanning isssue. I had to do a little substituting with HP for Cannon though. Here’s what he said:

    The issue that you are experiencing could be caused by other TWAIN devices that have been installed previously on the computer. Removing these devices from the Windows Twain32 folder may resolve this. To do this, please follow these steps:

    1. Click on Start and then Run.
    2. Type TWAIN_32 and click OK.
    3. When the TWAIN_32 folder appears, take note of what is in the folder. We are going to move anything that is not needed for the Canon unit to operate. Files that are going to stay are wiatwain.ds and any Canon-related folders. Canon folders could be named MPxxx or CNQxxx.
    Leave those files/folders in this window. If there are any others, right click them and left click on CUT.
    4. Close the window. On the Desktop, right click and left click on PASTE. The folder should now be on the Desktop.
    5. Click Start and then Run and click OK.
    6. In the TWAIN_32 window, repeat the above process until all that is left in the TWAIN_32 folder is wiatwain.ds and the Canon folder, for example MPxxx.
    Once that is complete, restart the computer.
    When the computer restarts, attempt to scan again.
    Does the issue persist?
    Please note that doing this will make any other imaging devices temporarily unavailable. To make them operational again, move the files from the Desktop back to the TWAIN_32 folder.
    We hope this information is helpful to you. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance with your PIXMA MP470.

    I sent Microsoft a letter with this solution.

    Thank you for your reply & looking into my issue. Funny, HP never asked me what the Canon tech did to resolve an issue that I see many people in forums state is keeping them from scanning on their HP units. HP spent weeks replying with things to try & I thought they would at least want to know what I did to be able to help others.
    I wanted to let you know @ Microsoft so that if it comes up from someone that asks for Microsoft’s help, you may be able to assist them. I didn’t follow it exactly (copying to desk top or restarting PC – didn’t have to), I just moved the files to a temp folder. My scanner is now scanning documents & pictures. I’ll copy & paste his procedure: (above).
    His Reply:
    Dear Frank,

    Thank you for your response and the additional feedback on the resolution of this issue. I have added this to our internal Knowledge Base and will use this information for any users who encounter something similar. I hope you will feel comforted knowing that numerous users will be able to benefit from your findings after I log them to our Knowledge Base. On behalf of them, I want to thank you for your perseverance and efforts.

    Our primary goal at Microsoft is that our customers are very satisfied with the support they receive. Please continue to keep us informed as to how we are doing on any future support needs you may have.
    Again, thank you for using Microsoft products. Have a nice day.
    Best Regards,

    Let me know if this info helps anyone else.
    Frank / fjtornatore@yahoo.com

  65. Dan Leet says:

    The hinges on my HP 3310 broke and I need another pair. Please send information on how to purches them.
    Dan Leet
    1415 Richards Ave.
    Williamsport PA 17701-2876

  66. Jigsaw says:

    I am using an HP Office Jet 7410. I want to scan documents to MS Word 2007. In the “Scan To” window there is no “MS Word. There fore no editing.

    Has anyone else had this problem? If so, did you clear it up?
    I got to admit that HP techs have been working with me for the past three days. I cant complain about them and their efforts. It is the results that I am have trouble with.

    Thanks in Advance
    All help will be greatly appreciated


  67. Jigsaw says:

    See my presious message.
    Forgot to add that the techs recommend that I download version 10.0.0 driver which I did. Different window and configurations but still no MS Word in the “Send to” window.



  68. Jigsaw says:

    (Jigsaw puts on his Team Leader Hat)

    OK People, we have a series of problems that need to be resolved. So lets stop bitching and start earning the outrageous salary I am paying you.

    We have a number of different problems with our HP product, in this case a 7410 all-in-one. However there are other brands that have similar failures (I think).

    But not everyone has the same problem

    Mine will scan, Ijust have to fiure out the scanned document went to.

    Other Dont scan at all.

    Is it the driver?
    The version?
    The OS?
    A little of each?

    Ok troops, tomorrow is Christmas, if you want your usual holiday half-day off you better get crackiing and come up with a soluition. Or solutions.


  69. Dave says:

    Well, I have fought trying to get my Officejet 7410 operational with my Vista notebook for well over two years now. I had acquiesced and just used native drivers and had given up on proper duplexing. But, the other day, I re-installed HP Solution Center (oh, for maybe the 10th or 11th or 12th time, you know, uninstalling and then reinstalling) when I tried actually using a USB connection. The subsequent wireless installation finally went smoothly. But, I still encounter an error when I try to scan either with a USB connection or wireless. So, a piece of whatever. I suppose that a Xerox with a wireless print server will soon be in my office.

  70. hp driver says:

    I worked this hp drivers for hp printers and plotter

  71. rifin says:

    stopping tablet doesn’t work, cannot find hpqscnvw.exe
    But using Adobe photoshop, importing (scan) using WIA is working,

    I thinks the problem is in TWAIN driver.

  72. deyvid says:

    Forgot to add that the techs recommend that I download version 10.0.0 driver which I did. Different window and configurations but still no MS Word in the “Send to” window. thanks