IE9 RC Overview (and Comparison to Chrome)

A new version of Internet Explorer is almost ready–IE9. You can download the IE 9 Release Candidate (RC) for free. The RC is “feature complete”, which means they might change things, and they’ll definitely fix some bugs, but they won’t be adding or removing any features.

Here’s a video overview I recorded showing the various improvements and comparing it to my current favorite browser, Google Chrome.

Be sure to watch the video in HD, full screen.

2 Responses to “IE9 RC Overview (and Comparison to Chrome)”

  1. FleetCommand says:

    Two comments: First, hardware-acceleration is supported in Adobe Flash 10.2. Make sure you have this version. However, even without hardware acceleration, I have never experienced choppy Flash playback even in Explorer. In my computer, Flash playback has always been perfectly smooth. (And I occasionally play flash games, such as those found on

    Second, you did not mention anything about Chrome shortcomings in comparison to Internet Explorer. (You didn’t properly mention Internet Explorer’s shortcomings either.) Your review was shallow.

    And by the way, I don’t exactly perceive what you say in the video as “Release Candidate”.

    • First, I do have the latest version of Flash.

      Second, it’s an overview only of the improvements in IE 9; I use Chrome only as a point of reference.

      And by the way, “Release Candidate” is Microsoft’s term for the late-beta, feature-complete releases.