New Dell BIOS Update for Vista

Just found a new BIOS update for Vista for my Dell Latitude D820 laptop (A05–the second BIOS update for Vista). Usually, when they release a BIOS update for one of their computers, they release them for all their computers. So, if you’ve got a Dell, go see if there’s a BIOS update for you. Maybe it’ll slow down all those hardware problems I’ve been having.

Hint: you can’t just run the updates–you have to right-click them and then click Run As Administrator. If you install other Dell updates (such as Dell’s new audio update for Vista), you’ll need to extract it, then find the Setup file and run it as administrator. Dell’s releasing updates for Vista, so why can’t they make them run properly with UAC enabled?
If you have a different type of computer, check your manufacturer’s website for any updates for Vista. We’ll see pretty frequent driver and BIOS updates for the next six months or so.

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