Open an ISO file in Windows Vista

Some programs come in .ISO files, which you need to burn to a CD or DVD and then read. There are several tools out there that trick Windows into thinking that a .ISO file (or another disk image file type, like .BIN or .CCD) is a physical disk so you can skip the step of burning it. The only one I know of that works with Vista at this time is Virtual ConeDrive. It’s free, and it works perfectly. Thanks, SlySoft.

If you have a tool you like more, add a comment.

7 Responses to “Open an ISO file in Windows Vista”

  1. Echilon says:

    Daemon Tools also works with RTM.

  2. PINO says:

    Or… you can use WINRAR which also can open ISO files among a bunch of other formats…

    • siva says:

      u said if we have winrar we can open but how to open,,,,,my iso file was in flv mode,,,i kept in flv mode,,,now hot convert to iso mode.

  3. inko says:

    i cant get the deamon tools to work for me and i cant seem to get winrar to work ether so if you can post me email me or any thing i can use some tech help and apps help plz

  4. Arjan says:

    Unfortunately Virtual ConeDrive doesn’t want to install on the 64 bit version of Vista.
    It probably uses a device driver and doesn’t have a 64 bit driver included.

  5. guy says:

    unfortunatly when you click on the link it takes you through and apparently you only get virtual clone drive for free for 21 days then you have to purchase a product key. no thanks

  6. Testsr says:

    7zip is the best, I guess. And it’s freeware/opensource. Recommend for everyone.