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i have a problem with vista media center after a few  weeks running smooth ..sudenly  when  i try to  see a  video gives me a  vdeo error message  …restart the  windows media center  i do that but still the  problem …i can  reinstall vista  again but i want to save  all the time ..any  help please ?


Typically, this type of problem is caused by a change to the codec configuration. Most likely, you installed some new software such as:

  • A program that plays DVDs, such as PowerDVD
  • A program that plays downloaded videos such as DiVX or XVID
  • A video editing tool such as Adobe Premier

The problem might not appear immediately after you install the program. Often, the problem doesn’t appear until after you restart the computer, or even restart it twice. The simplest way to resolve the problem is to uninstall any recently installed programs and see whether the problem disappears.

You can also give Garry’s Vista Media Center Decoder Utility a shot. When you run it, be sure it run it by right-clicking the icon and then clicking Run As Administrator.

Hope that helps.

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