Having Trouble Finding Those Hidden Control Panel Applets?

Ever have trouble remembering where to find specific Control Panel applets? How about the one for configuring  Windows Defender in Windows 7? Its not on the Start menu. By default its not visible in Control Panel either. There are two ways you can get to those hidden or misplaced applets:

  1. Change the way Control Panel applets are displayed by clicking the Category button just to the right the View by: label and select either Small icons or Large icons. This is how I prefer to see Control Panel, but it can be tough to find what you want amongst the 50 or more icons.
  2. Another way is to launch Windows Defender directly, click Start; in the search box, type Defender; click Windows Defender to open the program; and then click Scan.

There are some others I usually just access with the search box like Credential Manager, Configuration Manager, Autoplay, and Desktop Gadgets.

Kurt Dillard


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