Update: Vista Drivers for the HP OfficeJet 7410 All-in-One

Last week I ranted about the “Ready for Vista” sign over my new HP all-in-one printer/fax/scanner/copier. HP just released the software for it (both 32-bit and 64-bit), and all seems well. Better late then never. Note: as of 7/23/09, you can find updated drivers here.

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  1. Paul P Dolan says:

    When you say “all is well” did the new driver fix the duplexing issue for you?

  2. lansford says:

    you can resolve the issue of duplexing in vista using the following steps.

    a. Please open HP solution center click on Settings>> print settings>> printer settings
    * change the duplex printing settings to automatic in the solution center

    * Now click on Start>> control panel>> printers folder >> right click on printer icon and select printer properties
    * In the printer properties and in the advance option the duplex printing had a status not installed.
    * change the status to installed from not installed.
    * uncheck the manual duplex printing in the advanced Tab
    * Try printing.

    b. Step-1
    1. Open the HP solution center . Click settings — print settings — printer settings.
    2. Click on the printing shorcuts tab .
    3. Select Automatic under the print both sides.
    4. Click on the Finishing tab and Enable the option ” Print on both the sides”
    5 Click OK .

    c. Steps -2
    1. Click the Start (Windows) icon, click Control Panel, click Hardware & Sounds, and then click Printers.
    2. Right Click on the printer icon and Select Properties.
    3. Click on the Device settings Tab.
    4. Under the Installable option – Duplex unit for two sided printing – Disable the Allow Manuall Duplexing.
    5. Click Ok.

    Here are the steps:

    1) Click Add Printer
    2) Select local printer
    3) Choose Port as LPT1
    4) Choose HP and then select HP Deskjet 6500

    After the driver is installed, perform below steps:

    1) Right click on HP Deskjet 6500 printer icon in Printers folder
    2) Click on Properties
    3) Click on Ports tab
    4) Click Add a port —> New Port —–> Select STANDARD TCP/IP PORT (HP Std TCP/IP port would be the one already selected) —>Enter the Ipaddress for the Std TCP/IP port, create a port.
    5) Click Apply and click Ok

    Now try to print.

    Close any application we are trying to Duplex from

    — Open the Properties for the driver and under the Finishing tab, select Print on Both Sides manually, and Preserve Layout. Leave all other driver settings default, and try printing from Wordpad first before printing from application

    • Murry says:

      For Windows Vista users in order to change the printer settings in control panel/printer. You must first select “Run As Administrator” then scroll down and to the bottom an select
      Properties. When the 7310 Properties window open; select Device Settings. This gives you the option to adjust Installable Options for Duplex prints.


  3. Stan Sobo says:

    I did the above instructions, and they didn’t help. Am still printing end for end on my 7410 office jet.
    Will HP ever resolve this problem?

  4. Dave says:

    I have figured out the duplex issue, but now when it prints on the backside of the page, it’s upside when I read the pages like a book and have to “rotate” the page to read it. Anyone else having this issue?

  5. Dave H says:

    I have an issue when duplexing in Vista also – can’t make it so that the pages flip over at the left margin always have to flip them at the top regardless of printer settings – is this the issue we’re discussing here ? HP online support advised me to reinstall the same set of drivers I’ve already got installed but I don’t think this is going to resolve the issue !!

  6. Andy E says:

    I too have a 7410 and it will not print on both sides as it shoud. I can’t believe HP’s performance. Vista has been available to the public for months and to Microsofts partners for a lot longer. We had to wait several months before HP released a buggy driver that would work with Vista. Why have they put so little effort into fixing this?

  7. Rod says:

    Did anyone else lose scan ability under Vista? HP admits you can’t use the scan button under Vista but offered some bogus work around to scan that doesn’t work for me.

  8. TheBeagle says:

    I’m posting this note to alert all our colleagues about the situation with Hewlett-Packard’s (HP’s) messed up driver set for Vista 64 which is posted on the HP web site. Among the several “bugs” in the driver software is a maddening page orientation error when trying to print double-sided (duplex) documents.

    The problem is quite obvious, but HP refuses to fix it. Whoever did the coding for the Vista 64 driver for the HP 7410 AIO printer, messed up the page orientation code for the backside printing of the second page. No matter what settings are selected, the second page on a duplex print job will be printed upside down.

    In fact, several months ago during a VERY lengthy telephone call with HP Technical Support, a HP Technician finally acknowledged the problem and suggested that I load the printer driver for the 6500 series printer, which does NOT have this issue, and will print a duplex document correctly. That “quick and dirty fix” actually works (sometimes). It is rather incredible that HP, with all its money and resources, won’t fix this simple problem. Maybe they just want folks to get discouraged and buy an new HP printer that doesn’t have this problem.

    During my online “Chat Session” today (09-14-07) with a HP Technical Support person by the name Lydia, to see if they had developed a patch for this problem, after explaining the problem all over again, the HP person (Lydia) has the brass to tell me that since the Vista operating system is so very “new,” that HP hadn’t worked out all the problems yet. What a bunch of BS! HP was an Original Partner with Microsoft in the development of the Vista OS from the get go.

    This problem has very little to do with the Vista OS, but rather is simply a coding error on the part of someone at HP who forgot to properly insert the code for reserving the print stream when duplex printing (DUH!). But it took some real brass (I would have used another “b” word relating to male anatomy, but since she doesn’t have that type of equipment (I don’t think), I’ll use the “brass” word) to tell me that it’s on account of the “new” Vista OS – WOW!

    HP wants to tout itself as being a super-friendly, and a customer-oriented manufacturer. Well, if this situation is any example of that type of true commitment, then BUYERS BEWARE of HP!! I sure won’t be buying any more of their products real soon!!

    Have a nice day. TheBeagle

    • Dj says:

      i have the same exact printer an the same exact problem. can we get a class action suit against hp for the faulty software? i’d certianly take my money back. BTW i’ve called them on this issue and i was told by a tech that its because i have a virus on my computer. i asked how do u know i have a virus, they said we’ll u probably have a virus. an then he continued to say its usually because of user error these situations exist! talk about brass! and another tech said after not being able to help the situation said well ur out of warranty, buy another computer an get new software. :P ya like i’d want another problem like this

  9. Andrew Rossmann says:

    The duplex top-bottom vs left-right problem is not just the 64-bit driver. I have the same problem with the 32-bit driver.

  10. John O says:

    I’m fed up with the duplex issue but now I can’t even get a document to thoroughly print. It gets stuck about 1/3 down the page, then ejects the page and tries again, and again, and again until I finally cancel the print job on both the computer and printer (7410). Buy Apple stock, that’s where the herd is going…

  11. Andy says:

    i’m using LaserJet 2550n, and i can’t use manual duplex at all. Even clicking on ‘print on both sides’ also doesn’t work. That manual duplex option is gone when i switched from XP to Vista (32bit).

    Anyone knows how this problem can be solved?

  12. David says:

    Using the Deskjet 6500 driver instead of the Officejet 7310 driver worked for me. It also worked for my Photosmart 7350 which was using the Deskjet 5550 driver. Now my duplexing works.

    However, I wonder what the difference is. Anyway, once you have the Deskjet 6500 printer installed, you can go to Control Panel -> Printers, right click on properties, go to the Advanced tab, and just select the 6500 driver.

    As for HP, I agree with all of you…they should have had this fixed long ago.

  13. Derick says:

    I think it’s time for a class-action lawsuit. HP is screwing it’s customers right now and they don’t care. WE are the ones doing the leg work to find their answers. Lets face it, most of the 7410 owners are not home owners who just mess around. We are business owners that bought this machine for it’s features, and use them everyday.

    Lets start something….

  14. Joe says:

    Can anyone inform me if the HP 7410 driver software problems for Vista have been fixed? I bought a CD from HP with this software about a month ago, and haven’t yet been able to get “HP Solution Center” to work. It responds that “No HP devices have been detected” whereas the installation software detects my device and (apparantly) communicates with it adequately, There was no error message during installation of the software, but neither did I get a message indicating that the installation was successfull. Any help that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated – I’ve been working on this (off and on) for several weeks, and the HP on-line help has not yet been able to provide me a fix

  15. Michael says:

    I have a HP 2550n color laserjet, and finally got the manual duplex mode back under Vista! After having installed the HP provided “Universal Printer Driver” (which, btw, plainly complains about my networked printer and only prints b/w), and having installed the old XP driver (filename clj2550pcl6win2kxp2003-de.exe), which crashed Windows Explorer when opening Properties, now here’s what worked for me: Both drivers “uninstalled” by deleting the printer icons. Then, as my printer is on the net, I manually installed a _local_ printer, using the IP port that was left-over from the UPD experiments, and selected the INF-file of the XP-driver to install. Miraculously, the install went smooth, manual duplex is back! Formerly, I had always tried the button for adding a networked/wireless/BT printer, which never worked.

  16. Pat says:

    I too have purchased a new computer with Vista 32 bits on it and cannot get my duplex double side print to work. Some one mentioned downloading the drivers for the Deskjet 6500 series but when I went to HP website and tried to find them it kept telling me that I already have the drivers on my operating system and to plug in the printer. Obviously I don’t have a 6500 printer, I’m just looking for a remedy for the two sided printing problem. Can any one help? I tried the other remedies above to no avail. I really, really need to two side print.

  17. Nelson says:

    i can print but cant scan. when i scan it will pop up error “hpqscnvw already stopped” what can i do? My printer is HP L7580. thanks

  18. Jane says:

    I just bought a new HP computer when I could not get a systems recovery disc from HP because my computer had gotten buggy. I called HP tech support and they basically told me that I would need a new computer because my computer was 4 yeas old and they only support their computers for a short time. They seemed more intent on selling me a new computer over the phone than helping with the simple fix of a recovery disc. So I had to get a new HP with Vista. Now my HP 7410 cannot scan and from reading the rest of these comments I am not alone. It seems the whole thing is rigged to get you to keep buying more and more stuff just to keep obvious functions going. I should not have to throw out a computer or printer just because they cannot get their software right when they put the new stuff out.

  19. J. Thomsen says:

    I had a Windows XP system printing manual duplex just fine on a shared printer ( \\server\lp Samba/Linux, HP Laserjet 2500L). Then I upgraded the printer driver to the vista kompatible one and poof the manual duplex was gone :-((
    I managed to get it back this way. A) install the HP Universal Printing driver B) find the old xp-driver clj2500pcl6win2kxp2003-en.exe and select the unzipped file directory as source for installing a local printer on LPT1: answering yes to replacing the driver files C) changed the LPT1 port to the HP Universal printing port.
    – Just reinstalling the old driver did not work :(

  20. Ross says:

    I was also unable to print in duplex correctly with my HP Officejet 7310 and Vista (second page always printed upside down). As suggested above, told Vista it was a HP Deskjet 6500 (printer driver is already installed in Vista), and all was well–I can now print in duplex.

  21. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the posting I had actually strugled with this off and on for some time, i was just missing that little tick in the windows setting from not installed to installed, again Thanks!

  22. Peri says:

    My 7410 started duplexing the even-numbered pages upside down when I began using a Vista-based PC. I found a patch by Googling the problem on a forum elsewhere on the web–several, actually; now I don’t remember which.

    This worked: email [address removed]. Tell him the model printer and the problem (e.g., put “Vista Duplex HP Officejet 7410?” in the email subject line). He will email you a patch (actually a replacement driver) and instructions for installing it (actually, how to back up the one you have and safely replace it with the one he sends).

    It’s crazy that neither HP nor MS will fix this. BTW, I did have a little bit of trouble w/the instructions b/c DOS could not find the folder w/the replacement driver. But I knew how to find and rename the old file and copy the new on into the folder. With Bob’s instructions as a guide, it was a cinch!

  23. Kelly says:

    The patch from Bob works great!! Thanks!!!!!

  24. JG says:

    Has anyone had luck with the “wireless” part of this printer? Of course I’m using “VISTA” (sigh) and you know how much fun that is to use….

  25. HotpantzRN says:

    This really helps if you follow the instruction to download the deskjet first then follow his 2nd step after to set auto duplex. I’ve done this by myself in the past but it has been 3 yrs ago and I forgot until I got this thread and OMG, it really works.