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gadget.jpgOne of the first things you notice about Windows Vista is the sidebar. The sidebar has a few default gadgets, one of which can show updates (known as RSS feeds) from most of the websites you visit, including this one. Follow these steps to have update headlines appear on your desktop (more after the jump)

  1. Visit the website you want to view the headlines from. You can open it in another tab.
  2. On the Internet Explorer toolbar, towards the right, click the orange button.
  3. Internet Explorer opens the RSS feed. Near the top of the page, click Subscribe to this feed.
  4. When prompted, click Subscribe.

That’s all you have to do if you want to see this site’s updates mixed in with other site’s updates. If you only want to see updates from this site, follow these steps after completing the steps above:

  1. Now, in your sidebar, right-click the RSS gadget, and then click Options.
  2. In the Feed Headlines dialog, click Display this feed, and then click Vista Clues.
  3. Click OK.

Now, whenever I add a post, you’ll see the headline in your sidebar. Click it to open it in your browser. You can also drag the whole gadget away from the sidebar to make it bigger.

7 thoughts on “View tips on your desktop

  1. I tried (for hours) to install PCAnywhere 12.1 Vista version. I finally found your site and downloaded your ISO program.
    It worked perfectly. I might add that microsoft HELP told us to burn it to a cd & then install from the CD. That did NOT work either. It just brought up wordpad and locked up my computer. Thank you very, very much Tony.

  2. I reinstalled Vista on my grandson’s laptop as he had so much rubbish it was slowing down his machine. I reinstalled Vista and then deleted old Windows Files. I now get a message when I turn on the machine asking which version of Vista I want to run with. If I press ENTER on the first Vista, the machine boots correctly and is ready to use. If I press the second Vista it says that files are corrupt and Vista cannot be started. I know I have deleted the old Vista so why will the machine now not boot properly? Any help you can give would be really appreciated as I am stumped by this problem and do not know how to go about putting it right.

  3. My son has Vista on his computer and we have a couple of problems: the windows mail window continually pops up whenever the computer is on and we cannot get it to go away. He uses outlook express for his email. Also, evey time he opens his Outlook a message comes up that he has to accept or decline. He accepts it, but why does it continue to come up every time?

  4. I recently purchased a HP Deskjet D4360 printer connected it to my Compaq with Windows Vista Home Basic computer. Sometimes the printer will work and other times NO. When I check to see if the printer is working, it shows that it’s “ready”. So it’s like the computer does not send the print documents to the printer all the time..Why?

  5. all of a sudden my windows switcher stopped working .How can i fix this this, it shows different view like a rectangle box with icons across it and not windows on top layered like before

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